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Bourns® RF Power Resistors and Terminations Short Form Brochure

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Bourns® RF Power Resistors and Terminations P roducts which are delivered as flange mounted (see How to Order) should be bolted onto a heat sink, (see Figure 1) making sure that thermal grease is applied to the bottom of the flange before installation. Both the flange and heat sink should be perfectly dry and clean of any oxidants before the grease is brushed on. The thermal Chip grease will have a high thermal TF conductivity and will facilitate the passage of heat between the power resistor and the heat sink by improving the contact between the two surface Flange areas. Bourns recommends...

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Product Selection Guide Features • Wide Range of Chip Sizes and Power Ratings • Excellent Return Loss Over a Wide Range of Frequencies Up to 9 GHz • Used in Broadcast, GSM, WCDMA, Wimax Transmitters Resistance Values Capacitance Available (Ω±5 %) (pF) BeO 50, 100, 200 0.8 Combiner, Filter, Divider, Coupler 1.2 ALN 50, 100 2.1 Combiner, Filter, Divider, Coupler 4 1.2 BeO 50, 100 2.1 Combiner, Filter, Divider, Coupler 20 4 1.2 AL203 50, 100 2.1 Combiner, Filter, Divider, Coupler CHF8838CNF500L 150 3 1.2 ALN 50 N/A Combiner, Filter, Divider, Coupler CHF9838CNF 250 2.2 1.1 ALN 50 N/A Combiner,...

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How To Order Available Packages C D Tab at 0 ° (Version C) A Product Class RF Power Resistor G Package Size B Examples: Tab at 90 ° (Version D) 190104 = 1.9 x 1.04 Inches I L CHF 3725 C N P 500 L X Tab at 180 ° (Version E) F 3725 = 0.37 x 0.25 Inches Side View 2010 = 0.2 x 0.10 Inches 1206 = 0.12 x 0.06 Inches W Style 1 Two Hole Flanged Model C D A Version B G For model CHF5225 please consult “Available Packages, Style 1” Substrate Material A = Alumina (AL203) F N = Aluminium Nitride (ALN) Side View B = Beryllium Oxide (BeO) I L W Style 2 Two Hole Flanged Model C D Application A T = Chip...

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Worldwide Sales Offices Non-Listed European Technical Assistance Bourns8 products are available through an extensive global network of representatives and distributors. To obtain technical applications assistance, a quotation, or to place an order, contact a Bourns representative in your area. Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual performance in specific customer applications may differ due to the influence of othervariables. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications. "Bourns" isa registered trademark of Bourns, Inc. in the U.S. and...

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