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Telecom Protection he worldwide telecommunications industry The Bourns® line of protectors, connection products, has come to rely on Bourns® surge protection, NIDs and POTS splitters combine to provide the connection and demarcation devices to protect telecom industry with an integrated solution. In personnel and sensitive communications equipment addition to unique products, quality is engineered from damaging electrical surges. With the addition of into all aspects of the manufacturing process. The plug-in protectors and connection products through patented Multi-Stage Protector (MSP®)...

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The Bourns® MSP® Protector Advantage Multi-Stage Protection The Best of Two Technologies - Bourns® MSP® 5-pins and station protectors provide superior protection by combining the high energy handling of a threeelectrode Gas Discharge Tube with the quick response of solid-state Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). Solid-state devices react quickly to electrical surges but generally cannot handle high energy surges. Multi-Stage Protectors limit the incoming surge with the MOVs as the GDT activates to handle the bulk of the energy by directing it safely to ground, away from personnel and equipment....

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Station and Central Office Protectors UL Listed per 497 ourns® station and central office protectors are for VDSL2 and other balance-sensitive high-speed designed to provide primary surge protection of systems. Bourns® 2410 and 2420 series are analyzed copper-twisted pair POTS and broadband circuits. They utilize industry standard footprints and meet or SR-5165, "Generic Requirements for Broadband Surge exceed industry performance requirements. Protectors" (Telcordia Test Report DA-1547). The new 2440 and 2430 series of 5-pin protectors offer All station protectors feature sealed bodies of...

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Special Application Modules UL Listed per 1893 ourns offers a variety of special purpose plug-in overvoltage protectors as well as S-76A heat coils to modules for continuity, grounding and dummy provide sneak-current protection for C-50 and C-52 plugs. We also offer S-50, 300, and 6-pin type mainframe connectors. POTS Splitters ourns® POTS splitters/filters simplify the It is compatible with the Bourns® 7043 series and other deployment of DSL service at the subscriber manufacturers’ 7600 style enclosures. In addition, the premises. Compliant to applicable ANSI and ITU‑T 3612A2 IPA mounting...

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ourns now manufactures a complete line of 80 and 100 feet in 22 or 24 AWG. Grounding options connector blocks to be used with industry- include frame or isolated ground. There are six standard 5-pin protectors. These compact units connector block families, starting with the 303 style to provided generous working space between connectors the most compact 391 family, including the 310, 377, and are available in 100 pair counts. Models can be ordered with tin or gold plated fields to match the 5-pin module plating. Bourns offers stubless and Many accessories are available for the 5-pin...

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Protected Connector Comparison Dimensions in inches Mounting (stubless, H x W x D) Connector Family Accepts Module† Right* / Left* Right* / Left* Grounding Frame / Isolated Frame / Isolated Frame / Independent / Isolated Frame / Independent / Isolated Frame / Independent / Isolated Frame / Independent / Isolated Independent / Isolated Independent / Isolated Independent Independent Termination Contact - Wire Wrap Material / IDC Telcordia Audit Data Sheet 19.2 x 5.5 x 5 Left WW Gold 19.2 x 5.5 x 5 Left WW Tin 8.5 x 4.2 x MPC 4-Pin Left Frame IDC, W W Tin 8.5 *Available in Straight or Angle...

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Connectors with 4-pin Module Protectors UL Listed per 1893 he MPC series of Mainframe Connector utilizes the QMP 4-pin plug-in protectors. The front-facing jumper and test fields provide convenient working space for these compact units. 4-inch inter-vertical spacing and a slide access protector field reduce maintenance time. All models are 100 pair count with stubless and stubbed units in 22 or 24 AWG with standard stub lengths of 30, 50, 80 and 100 feet. MPC accessories are available. 4-Pin Surge Protectors UL Listed per 1893 he compact QMP 4-pin modules are available in overvoltage and...

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Terminal Blocks UL Listed per 1893 ourns offers three terminal block families: the insulation displacement connectors (IDC) are available. 139, 130 and QBB that can be provided for field The terminals can be installed vertically or horizontally. termination or pre-connectorized for quicker overall Block density is up to 256 pairs. The Versablock® Rotating Terminal Block Series 130 The Versablock® Rotating Terminal Block Series 139 is a and QBB are families of rotating terminal blocks that versatile connection point for trunk modules, tie pairs, offer termination configurations for decimal...

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7004 and 7090 Series NIDs UL Listed per 497 | RUS Approved he 7004 joins the Bourns® 7090 series industry-leading NID products. The four line 7004 series features convenient customer side working space, added wire management features, an extra subscriber bridge location and improved cosmetics. The 7004 and 7090 series are very versatile, rugged and are ideal for single or multiline residential / commercial installations. Sealed switching subscriber jacks which simplify the test point are available with four lugs for inside wire connections. Your company’s logo can be embossed on the cover....

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7004C and 7091 Series NIDs UL Listed per 497 he 7091 series of NIDs combines protection options for twisted pair and coaxial cable into one multi-purpose enclosure. Up to four 7004C-01-DF-15 twisted pair lines or two DSL and two twisted pairs can be combined with the 1740 series coax protectors. The 7004C series offers similar features with two less twisted pair connections. Sealed switching subscriber jacks and custom logos are optional. Telecom Protection Application Guide Meets Meets UL Listed Name Part Number Technology Telcordia Telcordia per 497 974 1361 DigiGuard® 2377-45-HS-IDC 3...

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