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Automotive Division Our engineering and production centers Engineering Centers Bourns, Inc. Riverside, California U.S. Headquarters Bourns Sensors GmbH Sauerlach, Germany Bourns, Inc. Auburn Hills, Michigan USA Production Centers Bourns Kft. Ajka, Hungary Bourns Xiamen Xiamen, China Bourns de Mexico Chihuahua, Mexico Bourns de Mexico Tijuana, Mexico Bourns Sensors GmbH 1660 N. Opdyke Road, Ste. 200 Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2655 USA Phone: +1 248 926-4088 Fax: +1 248 926 1718 Copyright © 2014 Bourns, Inc. Litho in Germany • 01/14 • ASC1403

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Automotive Product Profile - 2

Automotive Sensors Automotive Division Commercial Vehicle Sensors Circuit Protection Applications

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Automotive Product Profile - 3

Automotive Sensors he Bourns Automotive Division has played a leading role in the design, development and manufacture of potentiometer sensors for over 60 years. At our engineering centers in Riverside/ California, Sauerlach/Germany and Auburn Hills/Michigan we develop and design a range of customized automotive position, speed and torque sensors. These products are manufactured in Ajka/Hungary, Chihuahua & Tijuana/Mexico and Xiamen/China. Bourns, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Riverside, California. Currently, there are about 4,000 employees located in 9 different...

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Automotive Product Profile - 4

ur phenolic paper, high aluminum oxide ceramics, thermosetting plastics and specially developed Bourns® resistor inks are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions within rated limits, with many of our sensors used in rigorous on and off highway applications. Our non-contacting sensors are developed with a wide range of magneto resistancebased angular sensor solutions supplemented by competitive Hall Effect and 2 Axis Hall Effect technology. Bourns can assist in the selection of the most appropriate technology for your specific applications. Bourns TS16949 certified quality...

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Automotive Product Profile - 5

Automotive Sensors Multiturn Steering Angle Sensor Chassis Level Sensor Steering Angle Sensor Fuel Card for Fuel Level Sensor Angle Sensor for EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Transmission Speed Sensor Pedal Angle Sensor Torque Sensor for EPS Steering Gear

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Automotive Product Profile - 6

Vehicle Dynamics Sensors Part # Product Contacting Non-Contacting N.C. Technology Rotary Linear Engine & Powertrain Sensors Part# Product R078 Non-Contacting ETC Pedal Sensor 1099 Diesel Injection Pump Sensor R- Non-Contacting PRNDL Sensor R— Neutral-Reverse Gear Position Sensor R— Gear Fork Lever Position Sensor (ID &2D) R— Non-Contact Linear DCT Sensor (to25 mm) R112 Small Engine TPS Sensor (10 -130 HP) R153 Motorbike Gear-by-Wire Sensor R— Fuel Level Sensor R— Transm ission Speed Sensors Contacting Non-Contacting N.C.Technology Rotary Linear Comfort Sensors Part # Product Contacting...

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Automotive Product Profile - 7

Commercial Vehicle Sensors ctive steering, electronically controlled suspension, anti-lock disc braking and exhaust gas recirculation are some examples of the increased presence of electronics in commercial vehicles. You probably know OEMs which supply these modules, but did you know that Bourns supplies the heart? Bourns has provided custom position sensing solutions for nearly 20 years, beginning with the delivery of our custom linear brake wear sensor for commercial vehicle applications. This sensor operates each time the brake pedal is depressed to determine disc pad wear; the sensor...

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Automotive Product Profile - 8

ourns was one of the first companies to supply high temperature contacting EGR sensors and we are currently developing high temperature, non-contacting solutions, for EGR and turbo applications. As advancements in the reliability of commercial vehicles increase, Bourns invests in a continuous process of technical innovation. As existing technologies mature, it is fundamental to maintain our position as a dependable sensor supplier. As an example of our commitment to the progression of commercial vehicle design, we offer four different types of non-contacting sensors. We are focused on...

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Automotive Product Profile - 9

Commercial Vehicle Sensors Hall Effect Based Linear Position Sensor Magneto Resistance Based Angular Position Sensor Chassis Level Sensor Non-Contacting Throttle Position Sensor Torque and/or Torque Angle Sensor Brake Wear Sensor ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Transmission Speed Sensor

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Automotive Product Profile - 10

Vehicle Dynamics Sensors Part # Product Contacting Non-Contacting N.C.Technology Rotary Linear Absolute Steering Angle Sensor in Brackets R— Incremental Steering Angle Sensor R— Combination Torque and SAS sensor 2007 Chassis Level Sensor R—- Non-Contacting Chassis Level Sensor_•_HE 3713 Brake Wear Sensor . R—- Non-Contacting Brake Wear Sensor • HE 2008 Air Brake Master Cylinder Position Sensor • R -- Brake Pedal Sensor . HE R842 Brake Pedal Module Sensor . AMR R -- Passive ABS Wheel Speed Sensor • VR R -- Active ABS Wheel Speed Sensor . HE/AMR Engine & Powertrain Sensors Manifold Intake...

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Automotive Product Profile - 11

Circuit Protection Applications assive electronic components constitute a major portion of growth in today’s advanced automotive electronic systems. From Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to zonal climate control, the demand for passive electronics technologies in the automotive industry continues to expand. Bourns® Multifuse® Polymer PTC products offer solidstate protection against overtemperature and/or overcurrent conditions. Designed specifically for automotive applications, the PPTCs provide protection for application temperatures up to 125 °C. The resettable feature of the product...

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Automotive Product Profile - 12

ypical examples of the electronic circuits in which Bourns® Multifuse® products are used are: • Under the hood applications with new high temperature polymer PTC resettable fuses • Steering column control modules • Alarm modules • Instrument panel/cluster protection • Power Bus (e.g. AS System) - node protection • Climate control units • DC motor protection Various types of Multifuse® PPTC resettable fuses Various motor applications Car Alarm Systems: Power Steering Motors: GPS Shark Fin Antennae: Cooling & HVAC Systems: Window Regulators: Seat Adjustment Motors: Sunroof Activation Motors:...

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