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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit


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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 1

rexroth A Bosch Company Valid for: ► Flow capacity: Up to 3000 lpm at 50Hz ► Flow capacity: Up to 3600 lpm at 60Hz ► Max operating pressure: 350 bar (5076 psi) ► Frame size: Small, Medium and Large ► 2-3 hydraulic compartment assembly ► Pump size: 40-750 cc ► 1-4 pump assembly Features ► Closed sound insulated cabinet ► Vertical assembly - small footprint ► Configurable for many applications and customer demands ► Equipped with Hagglunds advanced control system 7 Required and additional documents 61

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 2

Drive unit | Hägglunds DUe

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 3

Hägglunds DUe | Drive unit 3/62

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 4

4/62 Drive unit | Hagglunds DUe 1.1 Ordering code In order to identify HaggLunds equipment, the following ordering code is used. Electric motor size Electric power (kW) - Right compartment Electric power (kW) - Left compartment Pump size SP pumps - upper

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 5

08 Pump size (cc) SP pumps - lower right compartment 10 Pump size (cc) SP pumps - lower left compartment

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 6

6/62 Drive unit | Hagglunds DUe 2.1 General The DUe drive unit provides the hydraulic motor(s) with required hydraulic oil flow and pressure together with system control functionality. The drive unit is divided to 3 basic sizes depending on electric motor power and hydraulic flow requirements: • Small (S) • Medium (M) • Large (L) The drive units are built with two or three hydraulic compartments which contains one with the hydraulic oil tank and one or two with the electric motor/pump combination. All compartments are assembled in one common cabinet. The basic combinations will be DUe S2,...

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 7

HaggLunds DUe | Drive unit 7/62 2.1.1 Test certificate Test certificates for each drive unit may be provided upon request. They are issued according to European Standard EN 10204 - 3.1. 2.1.2 Standards Declaration of Incorporation, as defined by the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Appendix IIB Control system • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU Quality assurance system, certified to standard ISO 9001. 2.1.3 Ambient temperature Upper limit A standard drive unit has an upper ambient temperature limit of 40°C (104°F). Lower limit A standard drive unit has a lower...

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 8

8/62 Drive unit | HaggLunds DUe 2.1.4 Combination of pump and electric motor Table 1: Pre-defined pump/electric motor combinations for single pumps • Configurable drive unit. O Customized drive unit. © This configuration will be placed in medium frame. SP250 single pump is not allowed to be placed in Small frame.

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 9

HaggLunds DUe | Drive unit Table 2: Pre-defined pump/electric motor combinations for tandem pumps • Configurable drive unit. O Customized drive unit.

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 10

Drive unit | Hägglunds DUe 3.1 Simplified hydraulic circuit single SP pump Features; air-oil cooler, cold flushing via check valve, cold flushing pump case DD00109194 Fig. 1: Simplified hydraulic circuit single pump Bosch Rexroth AB, RE 15325/04.2020

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 11

Hägglunds DUe | Drive unit 11/62 3.2 Simplified hydraulic circuit SP double pumps Features; plate cooler, accumulator, heater in tank, cold flushing via external pump DD00097420 Fig. 2: Simplified hydraulic circuit double pumps RE 15325/04.2020, Bosch Rexroth AB

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 12

Drive unit | Hägglunds DUe 3.3 Monitoring logic diagram Fig. 3: Monitoring logic diagram

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 13

4.1 Drive unit (DUe) 4.1.1 Weights Table 3: Weight drive unit Cabinet size Weight without oil, electric motor, tank, top cover, pump and cooler * Values are rounded to the higher number fifty. Table 4: Weight top cover Top Frame 2 compartments 3 compartments cover size Table 5: Weight tank Table 7: Weight replenishment (included electric motor, pump, and valve block) Electric Pump Weight motor size kW cc kg lb flushing Brake circuit 15 bar 60 / 200 bar 3

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 14

14/62 Drive unit | HaggLunds DUe Table 8: Weight pump Example Given: Cabinet type, DUe M3 with 500mm top cover, 350 L tank and B25T-80 plate cooler. Electric motors, Siemens 90 kW and 132 kW Pumps, SP250 and SP250+SP125 SoLution: Weights from tabLes: Power unit without e-motors and pumps 1 750 kg Top cover 215 kg Tank 180 kg CooLer 21 kg ELectric motors, from tabLe 670 kg and 960 kg Pumps, from table 267 kg and 442 kg (267+150+25) TotaL weight : 1 750+215+180+21+670+960+267+442=4 505 kg Round the vaLue to the higher number hundred: 4 600 kg

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 15

HaggLunds DUe | Drive unit 4.1.2 Positioning the DUe The following space should be Left free around the drive unit, to allow free ventilation and to provide sufficient working space for maintenance. Heavier maintenance such as change of motor/pump will demand more working space. The drive units is recommended not be installed side by side without facing panels removed. It is important that all pipes (both for water and hydraulics) are arranged to provide sufficient working space for maintenance. Table 12: Recommended minimum space around DUe The control unit (Spider) can be placed on either...

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 16

16/62 Drive unit | Hagglunds DUe Fig. 5: Front view, example DUe with two compartments and DUe with three compartments Table 13: Dimensions Hagglunds DUe * Usage of machine feet will increase height with 30 mm (1.2 in). ** Min/max height (only one height on DUe S2 and S3)

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 17

17/62 Table 14: Hagglunds DUe, frame depth

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 18

18/62 Drive unit | HaggLunds DUe Fig. 8: Right side view, example DUe Small and air-oil cooler Table 16: Dimensions HDC air-oil cooler

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 19

Hagglunds DUe | Drive unit 19/62 Double cooler Fig. 10: Right side and top view, example DUe Medium and plate cooler Table 17: Depth and width water-oil plate cooler mounted on Hagglunds DUe Dimensions, depth (D) Dimensions, height (H) Dimensions, width (W)

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 20

20/62 Drive unit | Hagglunds DUe Table 18: Depth and width water-oil tube cooler mounted on Hagglunds DUe

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 21

HaggLunds DUe | Drive unit 21/62 Table 19: Pump connections 4.1.8 DUe oil pan volume Table 21: Oil pan volume DUe S2 DUe S3 DUe M2 DUe M3 DUe L2 DUe L3

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Hägglunds DUe Drive Unit - 22

22/62 Drive unit | Hagglunds DUe 4.2 Main components 4.2.1 Electric motor Function The electric motor is a totally enclosed, fan cooled TEFC squirrel-cage, 4-pole 3-phase motor If the Hagglunds DUe will be operating in damp enviroment, it is advised to use an anti condensation heater to reduce the risk of short circuit in the electric motor. The electric motors used as standard in the drive unit are manufactured by Siemens. Output power 3-500kW Technical data Table 22: Technical data electric motor Operating Duty: S1 Degree of protection: IP55 (Motor and Cooling form: IC411, fan...

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