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We have a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Our team creates, distributes and services world-class power transmission and drive solutions to keep the world in motion. PRODUCT HEADQUARTERS Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Via Giovanni XXIII, 7/A 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno Bologna (Italy) tel: +39 051 647 3111 fax: +39 051 647 3126 bonfiglioli@bonfiglioli.com www.bonfiglioli.com

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GENERAL INFORMATION VF-EP / W-EP - GEARBOXES AND GEARMOTORS FOR CORROSIVE AND ASEPTIC ENVIRONMENTS 1 Symbols and units of measure 2 Definitions 3 Allowed temperature limits 4 Selection 5 Verification 6 Installation 7 Lubrication 8 Storage 9 Conditions of supply 31 Main benefits of the EP (enhanced 31 protection) series for the food and beverage industries 32 Designation 33 Gearbox options 34 Motor options 35 Others information about gearbox and gearmotor 36 The accessories for the EP series 22 Speed reducer rating charts 69 23 Ratio distribution for VF/VF, VF/W, W/VF 91 26...

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This symbol indicates important technical information. This symbol refers to the angle the overhung load applies (viewing from drive end). This symbol indicates situations of danger which, if ignored, may result in risks to personal health and safety. The symbol shows the page the information can be sorted from. Symbol refers to weight of gearmotors and speed reducers. Figure for gearmotors incorporates the weight of the 4-pole motor and for life lubricated units, where applicable, the weight of the oil. TORQUE Rated torque Mn2 [Nm] The torque that can be transmitted continuously through...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 6

EFFICIENCY Dynamic efficiency [ηd] The dynamic efficiency is the relationship of power delivered at output shaft P2 to power applied at input shaft P1: d It may be worth highlighting that values of rated torque Mn2 given in the catalogue take the dynamic efficiency into consideration. Values of ηd are calculated for gearboxes after a sufficiently long running-in period. After the running-in period the surface temperature in operation reduces and finally stabilises. The operating temperature is affected by both the duty and the ambient temperature, refer to chapter “ALLOWED TEMPERATURE...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 7

This factor is the numeric value describing reducer service duty. It takes into consideration, with unavoidable approximation, daily operating conditions, load variations and overloads connected with reducer application. In the graph below, after selecting proper “daily working hours” column, the service factor is given by intersecting the number of starts per hour and one of the K1, K2 or K3 curves. K_ curves are linked with the service nature (approximately: uniform, medium and heavy) through the acceleration factor of masses K, connected to the ratio between driven masses and motor...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 8

(*) = Refer to the table “Selection of the optimal oil viscosity” for further information about minimum and maximum values of different oil viscosity. For values of ta < -20°C and ts, to > 80 °C, choose (as permitted in the product configuration stage) the sealing type of the most suitable material to the type of application. If needed contact Bonfiglioli Technical Service. © (@) = Continuous operation it is not advised if ts and to range is 80°C to 95 °C. provide for greater absorption of the motor. (#) = For full load start-up it is recommended to ramp-up and If needed, contact...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 9

a) Determine service factor fs as formerly specified. b) Determine power required at gearbox input shaft: [kW] (5) c) Consult the gearmotor rating charts and locate the table corresponding to normalised power Pn: Unless otherwise specified, power Pn of motors indicated in the catalogue refers to continuous duty S1. For motors used in conditions other than S1, the type of duty required by reference to CEI 2-3/IEC 34-1 Standards must be mentioned. For duties from S2 to S8 in particular and for motor frame 132 or smaller, extra power output can be obtained with respect to continuous...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 10

Next, refer to the appropriate Pn section within the gearmotor selection charts and locate the unit that features the desired output speed n2, or closest to, along with a safety factor S that meets or exceeds the applicable service factor fs. The safety factor is so defined: As standard, gear and motor Combinations are implemented with 2, 4 and 6 pole motors, 50 Hz supplied. Should the drive speed be different from 2800, 1400 or 900 min-1, base the selection on the gear unit nominal rating. Selecting a speed reducer a) Determine service factor fs. b) Determine the computational torque Mc2:...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 11

5 VERIFICATION After the selection of the speed reducer, or gearmotor, is complete it is recommended that the following verifications are Conducted: a) Maximum torque The maximum torque (intended as instantaneous peak load) applicable to the gearbox must not, in general, exceed 150% of rated torque Mn2. Upon evaluation and approval of Bonfiglioli Technical Service peak values up to 300% may be admitted. For three-phase switch-pole motors, it is recommended to pay attention to the switching torque which is generated when switching from high to low speed, because it could be significantly...

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VF-W series - Wormgears IE2-IE3 - 12

b) Before being paint coated, any machined surfaces and the outer face of the oil seals must be protected to prevent paint drying out the rubber and jeopardising the sealing function. c) Parts fitted on the gearbox output shaft must be machined to ISO H7 tolerance to prevent interference fits that could damage the gearbox itself. Further, to mount or remove such parts, use suitable pullers or extraction devices using the tapped hole located at the top of the shaft extension. d) Mating surfaces must be cleaned and treated with suitable protective products before mounting to avoid oxidation...

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Life lubricated gearboxes do not require any periodical oil changes. Refer to the User’s Manual available at www.bonfiglioli.com for indications about checking the oil level and its replacement for other types of gearboxes. Do not mix mineral oils with synthetic oils and/or different brands. However, oil level should be checked at regular intervals and topped up as required. Check monthly if unit operates under intermittent duty, more frequently if duty is continuous. 7.1 Selection of the optimal oil viscosity (data relating to Shell Oils) Operating ambient temperature [C° I | Recommended...

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