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Product Range Mobile Solutions MOBILITY & WIND INDUSTRIES

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Mobile Solutions Planetary drives Travel drives 300 Series 700C Series Electric powertrains 600WE Series 600F Series Wheel drives 600 Series 600 Series with integrated service & parking brakes 600W Series 600W2/3 Series L Track drives 700CK Series 700CP Series 700CT Series Cutter drives 700C Series Slew Drives 700T Series 700TK Series Winch drives 700C Series 800 Series Drum drives 500 Series 500 Series with electric motor A complete range of innovative products for mobile solutions. Since 1975, Bonfiglioli has been a partner with the largest global producers of machinery for the...

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300 Series The 300 series is compact and powerful. Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all severe duty applications where shock loads and impacts are more the rule than the exception. The product configuration is highly versatile, due to several options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface. All the features are available for each of the 20 finely spaced frame sizes, with a torque range of 1,000 to 1,100,000 Nm. CONCRETE DRILLING MIXERS MACHINES Gear ratios • 3.4 ... 5,000 Brake options • Hydraulically released parking brake on request •...

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600WE Series Bonfiglioli 600WE planetary drives incorporate an integrated, maintenance-free electric motor and offer significant benefits, including compact dimensions, low noise and high efficiency. This advanced powertrain solution uses a two- or three-stage gearbox offering reduction ratios of up to 1:145 to satisfy the widest possible range of needs. The gearbox is coupled with a low-voltage induction motor (BT Series), specially developed for traction power and control applications. ACCESS PLATFORMS Input speed • up to 6,000 rpm Main options • Speed sensor bearing • Other types of...

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y Mobile Solutions Type Ratios MSn e>!i5Ut Weight Oil Quantity AC Electric Motor - Size Parking Brake Functional Diagram SERIES MOTOR WHEEL DRIVE AUXILIARY DRIVES E.G. HEATER, INSTRUMENT PANEL

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600F Series Bonfiglioli supplies high-efficiency, low-noise planetary axles and drives with integrated high performance electric motors and low maintenance braking systems for Class 1 material handling vehicles. Typical applications include 3- and 4-wheel counterbalance lift trucks and ground support equipment. Bonfiglioli electric powertrains are fully tested in the factory and guarantee reduced energy consumption. This, in turn, means longer battery operating times, extended service intervals and lower cost of ownership. iO§Bgi TOW TRACTORS Gear ratios • 26 ... 42 Input speed • up to...

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Wheel drives 600 Series The Bonfiglioli 600 Series is the best solution when designing wheeled off-road machinery. With a compact design, high torque and load capacities, a negative multi-disk parking brake and an optional disengagement device to tow the vehicle in an emergency, these solutions precisely match the application requirements. SOIL COMPACTORS a, \ SELF-PROPELLED FEED-MIXERS SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYERS ACCESS PLATFORMS SCISSOR PLATFORMS TELESCOPIC PLATFORMS Input speed • up to 4,000 rpm Brake options • Hydraulically released parking brake on request Applicable motors • Cartridge...

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y Mobile Solutions Type (1) LS = Low speed motor HS = High speed motor

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Wheel drives 600 Series with Integrated Service and Parking brakes • Compact and modular design • Compliant with international regulations for service, emergency and parking braking • Improved modularity of service brake actuation • Integrated oil immersed brake disc package • Dedicated piston return system for optimized thermal performance (patent pending) • Heavy duty discs to maximize thermal capacity for best energy dissipation, even under extreme conditions POTATO, CARROT SELF-PROPELLED HARVESTERS SPRAYERS

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Service Brake Performance to 3 O" jo I-<v (Z i-CD GEARBOX MODEL SERVICE BRAKE Max torque (Ms) Max operating pressure (Ps) PARKING BRAKE Max torque (Mp) Min release pressure (Pr) The above data are for reference only. To be verified based on actual machine data. P1: static brake port P2: service brake port

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Wheel drives for hybrid construction & agriculture machinery 600W Series Bonfiglioli’s 600W planetary wheel drives can be coupled to a high-power density electric motor, instead of a conventional hydraulic motor. This complete mechatronic solution is designed for a high voltage hybrid powertrain system and was originally conceived for self-propelled crop sprayers. COMBINE HARVESTERS FORAGE HARVESTERS POTATO, CARROT SELF-PROPELLED HARVESTERS SPRAYERS Advantages for OEM • Possibility of downsizing and downspeeding combustion engines • ase of installation: electric solution dimensions...

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Wheel drives 600W2/3 Series This gear shift final drive is specifically designed for wheeled and tracked machines featuring a significantly different travel/ operating speed ratio. The product is the ideal solution for road paving machines, construction equipment, as well as agricultural and forestry machines. Applicable motors • Cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors Brake • Hydraulically released multidisc type • Parking braking • Emergency braking Key features • Dual gear ratio, hydraulic Lo-Hi speed shifting • Rotating housing • Rugged design • High torque capacity • High load...

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y Mobile Solutions Type

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Travel drives 700C Series Bonfiglioli 700C series units are unsurpassed by any crawler or milling machines. Thanks to compact, rugged design, high torque and load capabilities, and optional mechanical lifetime seals, these solutions are the best possible option for the machine. All units are available with a fail-safe parking brake and most have the option of cartridge type fixed or variable systems. TANDEM VIBRATORY ROLLERS BUCKET WHEEL EXCAVATORS rafts CaO'O MULCHER MACHINES Key features • Rotating housing • Rugged design • High torque capacity • High load capacity • Mechanical lifetime...

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