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It was back in 1956 that Clementino Bonfiglioli established in Bologna, Italy, the company that still bears his name. Now, some fifty years later, the same enthusiasm and dedication is driving Bonfiglioli to become the world's top name in power transmission and control solutions. Through directly controlled subsidiaries and production plant around the world, Bonfiglioli designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes, and boasts the most integrated offering on the market today. Now, to emphasise its commitment to health, safety and...

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Advanced technologies for all industrial fields. Bonfiglioli VCB inverters are designed for applications calling for speed, torquue, position control of three phase aynchronous motors 132kW rating and larger. The robust and flexible VCB series spans over a 132 to 800kW range, covering a broad spectrum of applications, and is the ideal drive for large industrial plans and manufacturing lines. VCB inverters can optionally feature either the 150% overload capability which is typical of constant torque applications or 120% overload capability addressing the demands of quadratic load...

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Common DC bus VCB inverters can be used in system architectures with a common DC bus to share energy between different drives in the same line Disconnectable terminal blocks All VCB series inverters are equipped with disconnectable signal terminal blocks VPlus programming software Inverter parameter programming is greatly facilitated by the user-friendly VPlus programming software, common to Bonfiglioli's other inverter series KP100 programming unit This practical and lightweight programming unit features a 4-key keypad with 140 segments. The KP100 can be used for manual speed control...

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Functional characteristics Four different parameter sets Users can create 4 different drive functioning configurations that can be switched even with the motor running Synchronisation to catch a spinning motor This function restores quickly and efficiently the control of a motor rotating without load Motor potentiometer function (UP/DOWN) Increases and decreases the speed reference via digital inputs Controlled braking VCB inverters permit rapid deceleration even without a braking module, thanks to a sophisticated voltage control and a motor chopper function Application functions Software...

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Output, motor side High power ratings can be achieved by connecting two VCB units in parallel. Consult the product manual for further details.

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Accessories Add-on modules A wide selection of add-on control and communication modules are available for VCB series inverters to boost functionality in specific applications. Reference standards All models in the VCB series are designed and made in conformity to the requirements of the 'low voltage' directive 73/23/EEC (CEconformity). Conformity to the EMC directive 89/336/EEC is subject to the correct installation procedures being followed. The manufacturer's declaration of conformity and the installation instructions are included in the documentation accompanying the product. Expansions...

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Technical data Always fit the inductor on the input Size Description of inductor Rated current Inductance Dissipated power [A] [mH] [W]

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Technical data Size Description of filter Rated current Inductance Dissipated power [A] [mH] [W]

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The development of effective, tailored solutions for a wide range of applications is a fundamental aspect of our work. We succeed so well because we co-operate closely with our customers, listen to their requests and work with them to improve our own performance. Bonfiglioli is determined to deliver the best service possible - before, during and after the sale of any of our products - by applying all our know-how, experience, technology and advanced communication tools. Bonfiglioli works to the strictest standards of quality and safety, as certified by seven different internationally...

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Bonfiglioli Worldwide Presence Bonfiglioli is located in regions and countries around the world that enable us to provide faster sales and service to customers. We are around the world, and around the corner. United Kingdom South Africa PRODUCTION FACILITIES LOCAL SUPPORT 22 BRANCH OFFICES IN 16 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, WARRANTY, TECH SUPPORT, SPARE PARTS

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We have a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Our team creates, distributes and services world-class power transmission and drive solutions to keep the world in motion. HEADQUARTERS Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Via Giovanni XXIII, 7/A 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno Bologna (Italy) tel: +39 051 647 3111 fax: +39 051 647 3126 bonfiglioli@bonfiglioli.com www.bonfiglioli.com BR_CAT_VCB_STD_ENG_R00_1

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