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300 Industrial series Modular planetary gearboxes We have a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Our team creates, distributes and services world-class power transmission and drive solutions to keep the world in motion. HEADQUARTERS Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Via Giovanni XXIII, 7/A 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno Bologna (Italy) tel: +39 051 647 3111 fax: +39 051 647 3126

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GENERAL INFORMATION NEGATIVE MULTIDISC BRAKE AND HYDRAULIC MOTORS 12 Service factor requested by application 11 SERIES 300 MODULAR PLANETARY GEARBOXES PLANETARY GEARBOX SERIES 300 ATEX CONFIGURATION A4 Peculiarities of 300 series gear units 482 compliant with directive Atex A5 Ordering numbers 490 23 Surface protection and painting options 37 ELECTRIC MOTORS M9 DC brake motors type BN_FD and M_FD 519 M10 AC brake motors type BN_FA and M_FA 523 M14 Motor rating charts BX-MX 542 M16 Motor rating charts BE-ME 545 M18 Motor rating charts...

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SYMBOLS AND UNITS OF MEASURE Ac 1,2 [N] Calculated thrust load An 1,2 [N] Rated thrust load Thrust load at gearbox output shaft Lifetime factor for gearbox calculation Lifetime factor for bearing calculation Speed factor referred to input and output shaft loading Load corrective factor on shafts Service factor required by the application Reduction ratio Rated radial load at gearbox re-calculated with respect to different load application points Axial load duty factor Ambient temperature Radial load factor Intermittence factor [Nm] Torque delivered to output shaft [Nm] Calculated...

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Symbol referring to weight of gearboxes. The number associated with the wrench symbol indicates the tightening torque for friction coupling screws. Columns marked with this symbol indicate the reference page showing dimensions. Negative multidisc brake. This symbol identifies reference page number. Hydraulic motor connection. DANGER - WARNING This symbol indicates situations of danger, which if ignored, may result in serious injury to the operator. IMPORTANT This symbol indicates important technical information. Apply to equipment complying with “ATEX” Directive Cover for standard input...

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INTRODUCTION This catalogue presents BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI’s range of Series 300 modular planetary gearboxes. The range has been expanded and integrated with new sizes, technical improvements and enhanced modularity right through to the larger sizes. This feature signifies greater flexibility in internal production to ensure quick availability of products in the sizes and types requested either directly from the company or from the many affiliates belonging to the BONFIGLIOLI sales network in various countries around the world. The gearboxes are tested in conformity with the following...

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Modular planetary gearboxes Power Series IE2-IE3 - 7

The 300 series consist of a range of multi-purpose planetary gearboxes that can be operated by either hydraulic or electric motors. Basic features are: • 20 frame sizes of modular design • output torque up to 1,286,700 Nm • transmissible power up to 1050 kW • ratios from 3.4:1 to 5234:1 • versions: - in-line with 1 to 4 reductions - right angle (spiral bevel gear set into first stage) with 2 to 4 reductions • combinations with: - worm gear units - bevel-helical gear units • flange, foot and shaft mounting arrangements • slow output shafts: keyed, splined male, splined hollow, shrink disk...

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CD5 VERSIONS 1 Orbital hydraulic motor MG with/without brake 2 Hydraulic motor 3 Hydraulic motor setting 4 Cover 5 Negative brake 6 Compact electric motor 7 IEC electric motor 8 Electric motor setting 9 Input shaft 10 Solid input shaft with fan 11 Right-angle reduction stage 12 Single planetary reduction stage 13 Two or more planetary reduction stages 14 Planetary reduction combined with wormgear unit 15 Planetary reduction stage combined with helical bevel gear unit 16 MC/MZ - Keyed or splined solid shaft output 17 HC/HZ - Keyed or splined heavy duty solid output shaft 18 PC/PZ - Output...

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Modular planetary gearboxes Power Series IE2-IE3 - 10

GENERAL INFORMATION The following paragraphs contain information on essential elements for selection and correct use of gearmotors. It is the significant value for the size. It is equivalent to the maximum value of nominal torque Mn2 for a life factor n2 x h = 10000 (referred to single stage configuration L1). 6.2 Rated output torque Mn2 [Nm] It is the output torque which the gearbox can transmit with steady load under working condition specified in the calculation method. ©Bonfiglioli Riduttori

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Maximun torque M2max [Nm] It is the output torque that the gearbox can withstand under static or almost static conditions. It is generally meant as a momentary peak load or starting-up torque under load. The values in the tables are valid only in versions with output splined shaft (accessories excluded). Required torque Mr2 [Nm] The torque drawn by the application. It must always be equal to or less than rated output torque Mn2 for the gearbox under study. Input rated power Pn1 [kW] Pn1 is the maximum power that can be safely applied to the gearbox when the same is operated: - at a n1 drive...

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CD_8 EFFICIENCY 8.1 Dynamic efficiency nd The parameter is defined as the relationship of the net power delivered to the output shaft P2 to the power applied to the input shaft Pi Indicative values for the efficiency are listed in the chart here after. It is defined as the relationship of the speed the input shaft is driven at and the speed delivered at the output shaft of a gearbox. 10.1 Input speed n1 [min -1] The speed the gearbox is driven at. The value is coincident with the motor speed if this is directly connected to the gearbox. Input speed should never exceed the n1max value listed...

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12 SERVICE FACTOR REQUESTED BY APPLICATION fS' It's a coefficient that represents the severity of the application. This factor takes into account, although approximately, the type of load the gearbox operates with, the specific duty cycle as well as the operating daily hours. The table (A4) is of reference when determining the appropriate service factor for the application. Factor resulting by multiplying angular speed at input (n-i) or output (n2) by actual operating working hours h, break times excluded. Life factor is directly proportional to gearbox rpms during the whole duty time

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