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Forever Forward Solutions for Marine and Offshore

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Bonfiglioli offers a wide and diverse range of products for lifting, pulling and slewing machinery in marine and offshore applications like shipboard cranes, offshore cranes, deck machinery, azimuth thrusters and pipe layers. The design of several groups of products and jacking gears have been approved with the major Classification Societies like ABS, DNV GL, LR, CCS, RS, etc. These products can be delivered with 3.2 certification and full traceability of the load carrying components. Bonfiglioli has also developed a specific range of gearboxes for jacking machinery with rack and pinion...

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Marine and Offshore - 4

A complete range of drives for Marine and Offshore applications

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Marine and Offshore - 6

Solutions for Shipboard Cranes Bonfiglioli offers dedicated solutions including winch gears and slewing gears for marine cranes such as cargo cranes, utility cranes and, horse cranes. Bonfiglioli gear series 700C and FW dedicated to winch applications is offering a wide possibility of variations and options. Thanks to a compact plug-in design, the units are integrated directly into the winch drum. The brake can be integrated inside the gearbox or mounted externally, with common lubrication of the gears. Bonfiglioli slewing gears are developed with integrated and separated pinions. Many...

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Marine and Offshore - 7

Slew drives Winch drives FW series FEM classification M5-L2-T5 at OUTPUT SPEED 25 rpm: Type Torque (Nm) FW10 5400 FW13 _7250 700T series S series FEM classification M5-L2-T5 FEM classification M5-L2-T5 at OUTPUT SPEED 25 rpm: at OUTPUT SPEED 25 rpm: Bigger sizes on request Bigger sizes on request

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Marine and Offshore - 8

Solutions for Deck Machinery Several applications like mooring & tugger winches, anchor handling systems, traction & storage winches, capstans and windlasses offer a bench test for the 700C and FW series in medium-light power cases, and HDP/HDO series in medium-high power cases. The 300 series and 700T series are used for pinion ring transmission systems. The winch drum is generally supported on the opposite side of the gearbox, but strong bearings in the 700C and FW series enables it to have a console set-up as well. Hydraulic and electric driven variations, as well as in-line or right...

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Marine and Offshore - 9

Planetary drives Parallel shaft gear units and bevel helical Winch drives 300 series HDP/HDO series Type Nominal Torque (Nm) Type Nominal Torque (Nm) HD_60 5190 FW series FEM classification M5-L2-T5 at OUTPUT SPEED 25 rpm: Type Torque (Nm) Bigger sizes on request

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Marine and Offshore - 10

Solutions for Offshore Cranes & Winches Oil & gas applications like cranes and winches for supply vessels (PSV, OSV), FPSO, drilling rigs, anchor handling systems, riser pull-in systems, turret winches, ROV winches with AHC function and A&R systems have bigger demands for power. In order to meet these specific needs of power, Bonfiglioli has created a wide range of solutions. Products for winches are often designed with multiple pinions to drive a toothed ring fixed to the drum. With the same versatility of the shipboard cranes, the 700T and S series perfectly match the requirements. Where...

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Marine and Offshore - 11

Slew drives Compact winch drives 700T series FW series FEM classification M5-L2-T5 at OUTPUT SPEED 25 rpm: Type Torque (Nm) FW10 5400 FW13 _7250

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Marine and Offshore - 12

Solutions for Azimuth Thrusters Bonfiglioli gears are used for steering the azimuth thrusters on tug boats, drilling rigs and cruise vessels. Gear and bearings life is calculated based on Class requirements for both dynamic positioning mode as well as cruise mode operation. Solutions are available with integrated pinion 700T Series and 3.2 Class certified pinion and 300 series with female spline connection to the steering block. Units are delivered under approval and certification of all major Classes. Electric and hydraulic versions are available, with pinion eccentricity for gear play...

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Marine and Offshore - 13

Planetary steering gear Steering gear with pinion 300 series Type 306 307 309 310 311 313 314 315 316 317 700T series Type Torque (Nm)

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Marine and Offshore - 14

Solutions for Jacking Machinery For many years, Bonfiglioli has been developing and supplying gearboxes of jacking machinery for offshore platforms. Specific design of the 700T, JD2400 and 300 series have been assessed by ABS to work in lifting and lowering legs and hulls of drilling and service jack up rigs, lift boats and windmill installation vessels. Units can be in-line design or with a drop box for offsetting the motor installation. They can be electric or hydraulic driven, with or without negative parking brake. Bonfiglioli can deliver integrated pinion from m50 to m100 and lantern...

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Marine and Offshore - 15

Jacking gears O&K Jack-up series Type

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Marine and Offshore - 16

Solutions for Pipelayers For many years, Bonfiglioli is supplying dedicated solutions for pipelayers. Bonfiglioli track gears of the 700C and F series represent a perfect solution for the most demanding pipe tensioners in terms of torque, life and power. The cooling system is provided with forced lubrication of the gear train and bearings. A torque range up to 600 kNm covers almost all known applications. Modular gearboxes of the 300 series are capable of torque up to 2000 kNm.

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Marine and Offshore - 17

Planetary drives Track tensioner gear 300 series 700C series F series Type 315 316 317 318 319 321 323 325

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Marine and Offshore - 18

Bonfiglioli worldwide presence Bonfiglioli is located in regions and countries around the world that enable us to provide faster sales and service to customers. We are around the world, and around the corner. BRAZIL BRAZIL UNITED KINGDOM UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE FRANCE GERMANY GERMANY SLOVAKIA SLOVAKIA HEADQUARTERS BRANCHES LOCAL SUPPORT Sales, Customer Service, Warranty, Tech support, Spare parts ITALY ITALY SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA 21 BRANCH OFFICES IN 15 COUNTRIES AUSTRALIA VIETNAM AUSTRALIA WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK PRODUCTION FACILITIES

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Marine and Offshore - 19

Australia 2, Cox Place Glendenning NSW 2761 Locked Bag 1000 Plumpton NSW 2761 Tel. + 61 2 8811 8000 Brazil Travessa Claudio Armando 171 Bloco 3 - CEP 09861-730 - Bairro Assun^ao Sao Bernardo do Campo - Sao Paulo Tel. +55 11 4344 2322 China Bonfiglioli Drives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. #68, Hui-Lian Road, QingPu District, 201707 Shanghai Tel. +86 21 6700 2000 France 14 Rue Eugene Pottier Zone Industrielle de Moimont II - 95670 Marly la Ville Tel. +33 1 34474510 Germany Sperberweg 12 -...

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