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C series Helical gear units Bonfiglioli has been designing and developing innovative and reliable power transmission and control solutions for industry, mobile machinery and renewable energy applications since 1956. HEADQUARTERS Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Via Giovanni XXIII, 7/A 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno Bologna (Italy)

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SUMMARY Chapter Page 1.2.2 European harmonised ATEX standards 4 1.2.3 Levels of protection for the various categories of equipment 5 1.4.2 Selecting a gear unit with IEC motor fitting 7 1.4.3 Speed reducer with solid input shaft 8 1.4.5 Operating conditions for ATEX-specified equipment 8 2 C SERIES HELICAL IN-LINE UNITS 10 FOR POTENTIALLY EXPLOSIVE ENVIRONMENTS Revisions Refer to page 48 for the catalogue revision index. Visit www.bonfiglioli.com to search for catalogues with up-to-date revisions.

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1 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 S YMBOLS AND UNITS OF MEASURE An [N] The admissible thrust load represents the force which can be applied axially to the gear unit’s shaft, along with the rated radial load. fs - The service factor is a coefficient representing the severity of the duty for the operating cycle. f - The adjusting factor takes into account the influence of the ambient temperature in calculating the computational torque. This factor is relevant for worm gear units. i - The gear ratio is expressed as the relationship of the input shaft speed to the...

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P [kW] The application’s required power. R Rc [N onal radial load is generated by an external transmission and, for the input and output shafts respectively, can be calculated from the following equations: Rn [N] The admissible radial load should always be more than or equal to the computational radial load. The point value is given in the catalogue for each unit’s gear frame size and transmission ratio, and refers to the shaft’s centre line. S - The safety factor is defined as follows: S = Ml12 = ^1*1 m2 p, [°C] Ambient temperature. [min] The operating time is the total...

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1.2 INTRODUCTION TO THE ATEX DIRECTIVES 1.2.1 EXPLOSIVE A TMOSPHERE Under the provisions of Directive 2014/34/EU, an explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture: a. of flammable substances, in the form of gases, vapours, mists or dusts; c. under atmospheric conditions; d. in which, after ignition, the combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture (it has to be noted that sometimes, mainly with dust, not always the whole quantity of the combustible material is consumed by the combustion). An atmosphere which may potentially be transformed into an explosive atmosphere due to...

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1.2.3 LEVELS OF PROTECTION FOR THE VARIOUS CATEGORIES OF EQUIPMENT The various categories of equipment must be able to operate in conformity with the Manufacturer’s operational specifications, at certain defined levels of protection. This catalogue describes BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI gear units, intended for use in potentiallyexplosive atmospheres, with limitation to categories 2 and 3. The products described herein conform to the minimum safety requirements of European Directive 2014/34/EU, which is part of the directives known as ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles).

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1.2.5 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY The Declaration of Conformity, is the document which attests to the conformity of the product to Directive 2014/34/EU. The validity of the Declaration is bound to observance of the instructions given in the User, Installation and Service Manual for safe use of the product throughout its service life. This can be downloaded from www.bonfiglioli.com where the manual is available in PDF format in a number of languages. The instructions regarding ambient conditions are of particular importance inasmuch as failure to observe them during operation of the product...

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1.4 SELECTING THE TYPE OF EQUIPMENT 1.4.1 SELECTION PROCEDURE: Determine the application service factor fS in relation to the type of load (K factor), number of starts per hour Zr and hours of operation per day. Now determine the power required at the motor shaft: Mr2 • n2 9550 rjd [kW] The efficiency value « r]d » can be determined as follows (approximately): The selection procedure now depends on the type of gear unit, as follows: a. gear unit equipped with IEC motor fitting b. gear unit equipped with solid input shaft. Proceed as follows: 1.4.2 SELECTING A GEAR UNIT WITH IEC MOTOR...

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1.4.3 SELECTING A SPEED REDUCER WITH SOLID INPUT SHAFT - Calculate the value of the computational torque: - for the speed n2 closest to that required, select the gear unit with a rated torque Mn2 equal to or greater than the computational torque Mc2, in other words: 1.4.4 POST-SELECTION CHECKS Once the gear unit or the gear unit with IEC motor fitting has been selected, we recommend checkin the selection as follows: • Momentary peak torque The momentary peak torque is of the order of 200% of the rated torque Mn2. Check that the point value of the peak torque satisfies this condition and...

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1.4.6 SERVICE FACTOR - [ fs ] This factor is the numeric value describing reducer service duty. It takes into consideration, with unavoidable approximation, daily operating conditions, load variations and overloads connected with reducer application. In the graph below, after selecting proper “daily working hours” column, the service factor is given by intersecting the number of starts per hour and one of the K1, K2 or K3 curves. K_ curves are linked with the service nature (approximately: uniform, medium and heavy) through the acceleration factor of masses K, connected to the ratio between...

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• Equipped with service plugs for periodic lubricant level checks. • Factory-charged with lubricant, depending on the mounting position specified in the order. • Fluoro elastomer seal rings as standard. • Double seal rings on the output shaft. • No plastic component parts. • Nameplate indication of the product category and type of protection.

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