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Bonfiglioli Digital Tools Supporting your projects in the smartest and most efficient way

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INTRODUCTION Thanks to a powerful set of software tools and online platforms, developed through partnerships with the main market leaders, Bonfiglioli enables its customers to engineer tailored applications in a smooth and productive way: the component selection and sizing, as well as the design of the whole motion drive train, are made simpler and more reliable. Always up-to-date technical data allows for accurate and optimized component combinations, ensuring the best cost, performance and energy-efficiency trade-off in motion drive train design. In addition, thanks to its in-depth...

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Pplan System design challenge Intense competition is putting pressure on machine builders and system integrators to deliver machines with higher throughput and reduced operating cost in shorter timeframes, leading to a significant increase in the complexity of the machine design process. Bonfiglioli and EPIan work together to provide efficient engineering solutions, aimed at reducing the gap between the initial concept and its development, programming and commissioning. • Better quality of documentation: the EPlan data portal provides users with up-to-date device data from numerous...

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ANG410 With the ANG - Active Next Generation - inverter series, Bonfiglioli expands its drive portfolio with a drive designed for providing high performance to machine builders for standard and servo applications. ACU410 Bonfiglioli Active Cube series are specifically designed for automation machines. Allowing an extensive motor control, these series fit a wide range of industrial sectors, including Synchronous Reluctance Motor Control. AGILE Agile inverters implement a sensorless vector control algorithm that offers excellent performance in speed and torque control. A wide range of...

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SERVOSOFT DEVELOP OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS Bonfiglioli and SERVOsoft® work together to support customers in sizing complete multi-axis servo systems, including motors, gearboxes and servodrives with 15 mechanisms and up to 50 axes in a shared bus or standalone configuration. With Bonfiglioli offering available on SERVOsoft, customers are able to select, size and design their customized and high performance applications. In addition, Bonfiglioli engineering team, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the products, uses the high level servosizing tool SERVOsoft® to provide a top level customer...

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BENEFITS • High level of optimization • Unique supplier and tailored-made solutions • Energy-saving solutions • Tuning of the project in real conditions and further optimization • Powerful servosizing tool for both customers and Bonfiglioli team MOTOR SIZING ANALYSIS OF APPLICATION NEEDS GEARBOX SIZING DELIVERY OF OPTIMIZED SOLUTION SERVODRIVE SIZING

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MOSAICO MASTER YOUR SOLUTIONS Mosaico - Bonfiglioli’s complete e-business system - is now available! Fully integrated with Bonfiglioli ERP, the new platform offers users more flexibility and reliability through a multi-device interface. Mosaico guides customers, distributors and agents through the process of selecting the right product for their specific needs, and provides support for design activities and order management. The system greatly accelerates the product selection and ordering process, and also guarantees improved security and accuracy. Thanks to this web-based technology,...

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BONFIGLIOLI WORLDWIDE PRESENCE Bonfiglioli worldwide presence Bonfiglioli is located in regions and countries around the world that enable us to provide faster sales and service to customers. We are around the world, and around the corner. BRAZIL BRAZIL UNITED KINGDOM UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE FRANCE GERMANY GERMANY SLOVAKIA SLOVAKIA HEADQUARTERS BRANCHES LOCAL SUPPORT Sales, Customer Service, Warranty, Tech support, Spare parts ITALY ITALY SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA 21 BRANCH OFFICES IN 15 COUNTRIES AUSTRALIA VIETNAM AUSTRALIA WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK PRODUCTION FACILITIES

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Australia 2, Cox Place Glendenning NSW 2761 Locked Bag 1000 Plumpton NSW 2761 Tel. + 61 2 8811 8000 Brazil Travessa Claudio Armando 171 Bloco 3 - CEP 09861-730 - Bairro Assun^ao Sao Bernardo do Campo - Sao Paulo Tel. +55 11 4344 2322 China Bonfiglioli Drives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. #68, Hui-Lian Road, QingPu District, 201707 Shanghai Tel. +86 21 6700 2000 France 14 Rue Eugene Pottier Zone Industrielle de Moimont II - 95670 Marly la Ville Tel. +33 1 34474510 Germany Sperberweg 12 -...

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Forever Forward We have a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Our team creates, distributes and services world-class power transmission and drive solutions to keep the world in motion. HEADQUARTERS Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Via Giovanni XXIII, 7/A 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno Bologna (Italy) tel: +39 051 647 3111 fax: +39 051 647 3126

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