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Your Box Forming Partner TRAY FORMING MACHINE Dedicate our efforts and the means at our disposal to improving that which can be made better. Innovate to provide advanced solutions to a constantly changing market. Commitment to achieve and surpass your expectations. Customers in more than 80 countries More than 8,000 Machines sold. Technical service and maintenance. Fast supply of spare parts. 45 years designing and manufacturing machines. BOIX MAQUINARIA MAQUINARIA BOIX BOIX MACHINERY Loteo Ind. Valle Grande Building 4 No.1288 Kanghe Road, Lampa, San�ago Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province (China) (Alicante) España. BOIX ASIA IMPROVE AUTONOMY AND PRODUCTION The Illustrations, descriptions and technical specifications that appear in this document, and that refer to the model, equipment, kits, technical characteristics, accessories, ranges and possibilities of configuration of the machine, are those existing and in force at the moment of its printing (march 2019). As such the machine or its components may have undergone subsequent modifications or may not be available. Therefore Boix recommends that you confirm with our sales staff when requesting your machine quote, that the images and technical characteristics shown are still in force at such time. © Boix Machinery. Reproduction is permitted only in a summary or partial form of this catalog with written authorization.

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New Boix Q-1800/P Tray forming machine - 2

Greater Autonomy and Production Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus Box, C-1, Big Ear and Open Column ESTIMATED PRODUCTION From 400 to 1.800 boxes/hour (6 speeds) TOTAL POWER NETT WEIGHT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 380/220 V (3F+N+T) – 50/60 Hz (Other voltages by request) Manually by use of threaded rods and counters MACHINE DIMENSIONS The Q-1800/P is an adaptation to the needs of our customers who demanded a machine that integrates solutions focused on productivity, production control, improvement of autonomy, etc. but without losing the accessibility, flexibility and ergonomics of the machine. MAIN FEATURES...

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