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Over 100,000 compressed air users expect more when it comes to their compressed air supply. BOGE air provides them with the air to work. Screw compressors custom made by BOGE have for decades been synonymous with efficient and reliable compressed air supply to trade workshops through to industrial companies. The BOGE C-series is a trendsetter in its class: less noise, less pipework, less connections in contrast to more output, more individual configuration possibilities and more efficiency and requiring a minimum of space. We have listened closely to the wishes of our customers – with the...

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(&BOGE Screw Compressors

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Compressed air with a method: Modules of the BOGE C-series. Screw compressor Refrigerant dryer Frequency control ADVANTAGES OF THE COMPACT MODULAR DESIGN: • Flexible combination possibilities • Unit completely ready for connection • Minimum flow losses due to compact construction • High-quality piping protects against leaks 4

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Modular design, compact system: Because of the modular design BOGE screw compressors allow for individual configuration of your compressed air system. Each compact module is pre-assembled and ready for use: for efficient and reliable operation in all types of applications. PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW OF THE C-SERIES frequency controlled UNIQUE: BOGE GENUINE PARTS FOR THE C-SERIES. Only the use of BOGE original parts will enable you to benefit from the technological edge of the C-series in the long run. To this purpose, BOGE offers individually customized replacement parts for the C-series...

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The C-series up to 10 hp: Space saving and more energy efficient than ever! Design advantages. THE CM COMPACT MODULE: All necessary components are integrated into the airend block. Maintenance and wear parts are easily accessible – for maximum comfort and highest operational safety. Integrated oil separating system Both oil separating cartridge and oil filter cartridge are easily accessible: for maintenance purposes only the cover needs to be opened. The oil sump is located at the lowest point: for effective pre-separation according to the gravity principle. Multifunctional intake control...

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Compact & highly efficient! The monoblock compact design of the airend range up to 10 hp offers distinct advantages. The integrated design minimizes the number of oil pipes by clever internal routing – for a highly efficient and reliable compressor. At the same time the airend requires less space providing the user with a compact, space saving and energy efficient solution from BOGE! COMPACT DESIGN Integration of all essential components eliminates almost all interconnecting pipes. Leaks are virtually eliminated. Internal pressure losses are minimized. EXTREMELY QUIET Because of the sound...

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Screw compressor C 4 L to C 7 L Compressed air system C 4 LR to C 7 LR Compressed air center C 4 LD to C 7 LDR Effective free air delivery: 0.340 – 0.728 m³/min, 12 – 25 cfm Pressure range: 8 and 10 bar, 125 and 150 psig Motor range: 3.0 – 5.5 kW, 4 – 7.5 hp Screw compressor C L Compact screw compressor, direct coupled Compressed air system C LR Receiver mounted screw compressor, direct coupled Compressed air center C LDR Receiver mounted screw compressor and refrigerant dryer, direct coupled The machines depiced do not correspond to the most updated version of the receivers.

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BOGE Model Effective free air delivery* 60 Hz cfm m3/min 11 0.31 14 0.40 Power supply Dimensions WxDxH inches 30 x 19 x 19 30 x 19 x 19 * Free air delivery for the complete package in accordance with ISO 1217, Appendix E, at 68ºF ambient temperature and maximum pressure. Emitted sound pressure values from 61 dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 2151:2009 BOGE Model Receiver size Effective free air delivery* 60 Hz cfm m3/min 11 0.31 14 0.40 Motor power Power supply Dimensions WxDxH inches 66 x 28.75 x 45 66 x 28.75 x 45 * Free air delivery for the complete package in accordance with ISO 1217,...

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Screw compressor C 9 Effective free air delivery: 32 – 45 cfm, 0.90 – 1.27 m³/min Pressure range: 115 – 190 psig, 8 – 13 bar Motor range: 10 hp, 7.5 kW EFFICIENCY The specially designed BOGE airend provides high output volumes at low energy consumption – for reliable and efficient compressed air supply. EXTREMELY QUIET All C-series compressors are characterized by very low sound pressure levels due to their super-silenced cabinets. CONTROL The BOGE FOCUS control is the standard compressor control and provides numerous control and monitoring features.

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Compact, efficient, very quiet: The space saving C-series screw compressors are designed for long-term performance. A refrigerant dryer mounted on a horizontal receiver is available as an option. Even at full load operation the compressor operates reliably and safely at optimum efficiency providing a long service life. * Free air delivery for the complete package in accordance with ISO 1217, Appendix E, at 68°F ambient temperature and maximum pressure. Emitted sound pressure values from 59 dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 2151:2009 ** Max. pressure of the compressor (&BOGE C-series screw...

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The C-series up to 30 hp: This is the way compressors are made today! Design advantages. Multifunctional intake control with integrated solenoid valve for functionally reliable operation without leaks. Silenced paper cartridge intake filter This filter separates 99.9 percent of all particles larger than 3 µm: for high quality compressed air at its source. Integrated airend with special BOGE profile and HD bearing The specially designed airend is characterized by its high free air delivery at low energy consumption. Motor sizes up to 30 hp with free air delivery up to 128 cfm. Effective oil...

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The state-of-the-art compressor: Extremely quiet, compact & efficient – the “large” BOGE C-series has set industry standard in specific power and sound pressure values. The BOGE compact module enables short distances and less pipelines – for a highly efficient and reliable compressor solution. Depending on your requirements, the C-series up to 30 hp can be equipped frequency control or heat recovery: This is the way compressors are made today! INTEGRATED DESIGN The integration of all essential components in the compact module serves to eliminate pipework and to reduce flow losses: for maximum...

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