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S-3 New generation


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S-3 New generation - 1

IE3 Motor Premium Efficiency BOGE Competence

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S-3 New generation - 2

Top quality has surpassed itself again: The new generation BOGE S series. Details of new generation: A New BOGE effilence airend B New cooling fan design C Optimised oil separation Proven benefits of the BOGE S series: 1 Highly efficient IE3 motor 2 Intelligent cooling air circulation 3 Valveless oil circuit with multifunction suction regulator 4 Suction filter with micro paper element 5 Highly effective oil separation system with horizontal receiver 6 Self-sufficient cooling system with separate fan 7 Internal pipework made from steel tubing Integrated switch cabinet Maintenance-friendly...

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S-3 New generation - 3

One of the best has been improved upon: The S series has set standards in efficient and reliable compressed air production. Now, BOGE has made one of the best screw compressor ranges on the market even better. While retaining the proven design philosophy, the efficiency, smooth running properties and the sound pressure levels have been significantly optimised. You can look forward to the best S series of all time! The depicted machine is the super-silenced version BOGE Quality BOGE Competence EVEN MORE EFFICIENT The new generation BOGE S series has the most efficient airend ever employed by...

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S-3 New generation - 4

BOGE Model S 31-3 S 31-3 S 31-3 S 40-3 S 40-3 S 40-3 SD 40-3 SD 40-3 SD 40-3 S 40-3 BLUEKAT S 40-3 BLUEKAT S 40-3 BLUEKAT S 50-3 S 50-3 S 50-3 SD 50-3 SD 50-3 SD 50-3 S 50-3 BLUEKAT S 50-3 BLUEKAT S 50-3 BLUEKAT S 60-3 S 60-3 S 60-3 SD 60-3 SD 60-3 SD 60-3 SF 60-3 SF 60-3 SF 60-3 SF 60-3 SDF 60-3 SDF 60-3 SDF 60-3 SDF 60-3 S 61-3 S 61-3 S 61-3 SD 61-3 SD 61-3 SD 61-3 S 75-3 S 75-3 S 75-3 SD 75-3 SD 75-3 SD 75-3 Effective free air delivery * Dimensions 2) super silenced W x D x H Weight silenced Weight super silenced

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S-3 New generation - 5

* Free air delivery for the complete package in accordance with ISO 1217, Appendix E, at 20°C ambient temperature and maximum pressure. Emitted sound pressure values from 64 dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 2151:2009 ** Max. pressure of the compressor, the 7.5 bar indications are to be provided as reference values. The machines are shipped standard in 8 bar. 1 super-silenced on the intake side 2) super-silenced on the intake and on the exhaust air side The shown performance data refer to compressors with standard equipment.

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S-3 New generation - 6

Efficiency on a large scale: The BOGE SLF. Effective FAD: 1.19 – 35.74 m³/min, 43 – 1262 cfm Pressure range: 7.5 – 13 bar, 110 – 190 psig Rated power: 22 – 200 kW, 30 – 270 HP Frequency control drive and cooling fan + : integrated heat recovery cy. Your extra bonus in efficien Efficiency ABSOLUTELY DEMANDORIENTED The frequency converter is primarily integrated to control motor and airend speeds in order to produce the momentary air demand requirement at the required pressure. MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Frequency control is ideal where shift /production patterns create a fluctuating demand for...

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S-3 New generation - 7

Operating within the specific optimal range: In combination with the direct drive and frequency control, the SLF machines provide an extremely flexible system that adapts spontaneously to changes in the compressed air demand. If the pressure value changes, the air delivery is also synchronised automatically! This means that the machine supplies only the precise amount of compressed air that is actually needed at the time. BOGE Max. Effective free Motor power Dimensions 1) Dimensions 2) Com- Weight Model*** pressu- air delivery * silenced super silenced pressed silenced...

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S-3 New generation - 8

The new premium airend from BOGE: BOGE effilence is the most efficient air-end ever employed by BOGE. Its name stands for two of its hallmarks: efficient compression (efficiency) and incomparably quiet operation (silence). This wholly BOGE developed and built airend will guarantee highest standard state-of-the-art technology: take advantage now of a new level of efficiency! BOGE effilence: The design benefits. Extremely small blow hole The very small radius of the secondary rotor teeth means that the blow hole is very small, thus ensuring high efficiency. Flow-optimized outlet shape The...

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