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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Assembly Instructions WARNING: o avoid seal damage, chamfer tube ends t before inserting them into the fittings. How to Calculate a Network Pipe Size 2.1 Fitting pressure drops Although fittings are smooth inside and have the same tube inside diameter they nonetheless represent a resistance to air flow, particularly when tubes change direction as in the case of bends, tee-unions and reducers. Table E refers to pressure drops caused by fittings. Every fitting or change of direction corresponds to the metres of tube indicated in this table. 2.2 Network pipe sizing Once the compressed air consumption (l/min) and the sustainable pressure drop have been calculated you can refer to Table D to identify the correct tube dimension. After having examined the plant and considered the changes of direction as well as the pressure drop of fittings you can then refer to Table E to complete and correct previous calculations. Equivalent tube lengths of the same diameter (m) Tube outer diameter Tee-unions on a straight line Tee-unions on a line deviation For four generations, customers from mechanical engineering, industry and trade have relied on BOGE know-how when it comes to planning, developing and manufacturing compressed air systems. They are fully aware of the fact that BOGE AIR is more than just ordinary compressed air: utmost safety, outstanding efficiency, excellent quality, maximised flexibility along with dependable service are the ingredients to transform BOGE AIR into air to work with – in Germany, in Europe and in more than 80 countries around the world. Our ranges of services include the following: • Energy efficient systems development • Plant design and engineering • System control and visualisation • il-free piston, screw and turbo compressors O • il injected screw compressors O and oil lubricated piston compressors • Compressed air treatment • Compressed air distribution and storage • Compressed air accessories • Compressed air service BOGE Compressors Ltd. Rastrick Common · Brighouse West Yorkshire · HD6 3DR Tel +44 (0) 1484 719921 Fax +44 (0) 1484 712516 · 02.2011 Edition 2 – Technical changes and errors reserved. COUPLING RING EasiFit Airline Systems 1. heck that all connection parts are correctly assembled. Check C the orientation of the clip; if it is incorrectly assembled the tightness of the connection cannot be guaranteed (See Table A). 2. efore inserting the tube into the fitting rotate the light-blue B coupling ring against the antiscrew tooth and no further. 3. he tube must be inserted into the fitting until the tube bottoms inside. T This can be checked by previously marking on the tube the length «L» indicated in Table B. 4. nce the tube has been correctly inserted into the fitting, rotate the O coupling ring completely over the antiscrew tooth. To best carry out this operation it is advisable to use the tools indicated in the present catalogue. 5. able B illustrates the tightening force needed for each fitting size (N/m) T in order to guarantee optimal pneumatic and mechanical sealing results. 6. able C illustrates the correct installation. Misalignment of more than 5º from T the horizontal line may compromise the pneumatic tightness of the fittings. 7. arefully refer to the specifications indicated in the present catalogue as to C compatibility with chemical substances that could be present in the tubes. 8. OGE will not be responsible for any damage caused by improper use B of their products and/or non-compliance with the instructions indicated in the present catalogue.

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Assembly Instructions Delivery SRA*: actual delivery at the effective pressure (P) x absolute pressure (P+1) in bars air delivery at 0 degrees C = delivery 15 degrees C x 0 degrees + 273 288 *SRA: Standard Reference Atmosphere Notes TABLE D - Nonogram Pressure drop in the tube - Nomogram at 15°C Pressure drop for 100 m (in bars) The tube diameter can be determined after having found out the delivery in l/m and the allowed pressure drop. a. We choose on the axis “C” the working pressure and draw a straight line, as the red one in the example, connecting the...

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems The BOGE EasiFit Airline System is your advanced airline solution EasiFit Airline Systems Using only quality aluminium piping and airtight connectors, the BOGE EasiFit Airline System is quick and Easi to install with no welding required. Corrosion, fire and UV resistance are also key benefits. P 04-06 Fittings P 08-09 Accessories P 10-11 Assembly & Pipe Size Calculation CUTTING Use a tube-cutter to obtain a clean cut. CHAMFERING Chamfer the external part of the tube in order not to damage the sealing ring. ASSEMBLY Insert the tube and push it until it is...

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Reducing Union Equal Union Female Straight Connection Aluminium Female Straight Connection

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Male Straight Connection Aluminium Male Straight Connection 3 Piece Connection with Ball Valve Reducing Tees Connection End Caps with Manual Vent Valve Straight Connection with Ball Valve Straight Connection with Union

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Fittings for Compressed Air Nylon And Aluminium Fitting Reduction Coupling Ring Screwed Nylon Fitting Reduction (With O-Ring) ¾” BSP Threaded Take off Saddles BSP Twin Take off Coupling A Code Ø R238.034.012 R238.001.012 R238.112.012 R238.112.001 R238.002.012 R238.002.001 R238.002.112 ½” BSP Threaded Take off Saddles Aluminium Reduction *Aluminium reduction. End Caps With Mini Ball Valve

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BOGE EasiFit Airline Systems Terminal Blocks For Compressed Air (Max 16 Bar) 089.800.350 Manual condensation drain available on request on the following models: R231.012.012 / R231.034.012 Drop Bends 089.800.400 Spacer usable with the models: 089.800. 215 / 216 / 217 089.800.300 Manual condensation drain available on request on the following models: 089.800. 215 / 216 / 217 Aluminium Tube

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