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Over 100,000 compressed air users expect more when it comes to their compressed air supply. BOGE air provides them with the air to work. BOGE piston compressors are the embodiment of reliability: for more than 80 years their robust and functional design has provided many users with a dependable and efficient compressed air supply. A large number of options - oil-free or oil-lubricated, equipped with compressed air receiver or refrigerant dryer, mobile or stationary - enables you to configure your individual compressor solution according to your requirements. And of course, each piston...

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When did you last see a piston compressor work so reliably? Intake valve Outlet valve Piston Cylinder Piston rod Crank shaft IDEALLY SUITED FOR FLUCTUATING COMPRESSED AIR DEMAND Where compressed air supply does not require constant peak load operation BOGE piston compressors are the obvious choice being robust and perfectly able to manage high pressures – from small to medium demands.

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Industry and trade need safe solutions: Therefore, BOGE piston compressors are engineered to provide dependable compressed air for a wide range of applications. A sophisticated design and uncompromising high quality workmanship ensures that BOGE piston compressors are without a doubt setting the standard when it comes to reliability and efficiency in operation. A MODULAR CONCEPT Using the piston compressor unit as a base, additional modules can be added to configure an individual compressed air system specifically designed to meet individually defined operating Piston compressor...

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Piston compressors ASO 260 to ASO 480 Compressor units BSO 260- to BSO 480Duplex compressor packages BSO 260-…D to BSO 480-…D Effective free air delivery: 156 – 367 l/min, 6 – 13 cfm Pressure range: 8 and 10 bar, 115 and 150 psig Rated power: 1.5 – 3.2 kW, 2 – 4 HP OIL-FREE SYSTEM Absolutely clean and oil free compressed air is guaranteed. These compressors are also known for their operational safety and dependable supply of compressed air. FLEXIBILITY A modular design concept ensures that each compressor can be built to meet the specific compressed air requirements for optimum performance....

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Oil-free compressed air for any type of requirement: Ultimate flexibility and maximum reliability are key characteristics of these oil-free compressors. Due to their modular design the compressors can be specifically configured for the individual requirements of the customer - from variable pressures and outputs to optional components such as dual receivers or integrated membrane dryers. (&BOGE Piston Compressors Oil-free

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The K Series: compact, cost efficient, consistently oil free. Construction advantages. UNIQUE: THE PUSH ROD PRINCIPLE. The BOGE K series is engineered to provide a cost effective source of oil free compressed air. It utilises an innovative push rod principle. This design reduces frictional forces and consequently reduces wear. The cylinder bore, in which the special compound coated piston moves, is made of a high strength aluminium-silicon alloy. As the push rod principle operates 100 percent oil free, neither the generated compressed air nor the accrued condensate, contain even the...

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The innovation boost for oil free compressed air: The BOGE K series has been developed utilising the unique push rod system ensuring the absolutely efficient generation of oil free compressed air with extremely low wear and all in a compact design. The BOGE K series is the ideal solution for fluctuating compressed air demand regardless of whether used as a basic load or peak load machine in industry sectors that demand oil free air. Efficiency 100 PERCENT OIL FREE You can absolutely rely on the BOGE K series because the system is designed to work 100 percent oil free to prevent any...

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Piston compressors K 8 to K 15 Compressor units K 8- to K 15-Effective free air delivery: 390 - 1296 l/min, 14 - 46 cfm Pressure range: 10 - 40 bar, 150 - 600 psig Rated power: 5.5 - 11 kW, 7.5 - 15 HP OIL-FREE SYSTEM The K series does not use an oil-lubricated crosshead drive. It is therefore ideally suited to sensitive applications where absolutely oil free compressed air is paramount such as in the pharmaceutical and food industries. PUSH ROD PRINCIPLE BOGE developed the K series oil-free piston compressor utilising state-of-the-art compressor technology. The cylinder is...

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This is how compact and cost efficient oil free compressed air can be: The K series piston compressors have been developed utilising the innovative push rod principle providing absolutely oil-free compression - in an entirely new compact design. The K series has been specifically designed for the smaller compressed air user requiring 100% oil-free compressed air. And, available at an unbeatable cost effective price/ performance ratio! BOGE    Receiver    Max. pressure Effective free    Nominal output    Dimensions Dimensions Weight    Weight Model volume    air delivery1 drive...

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Air delivery: 1160 & 2320 l/min (at 10 bar inlet pressure) Drive power: 5.5 & 11 kW Pressure range: 40 bar Oil-free piston compressor: Unique in the category up to 11 kW! PURE POWER Compressed air up to 40 bar, generated by a booster compressor, functioning completely oil-free: This combination has not been possible until now. Use the pure power of the BOGE K BOOSTER in order to compress to the required final pressure from an existing network - economic and clean! PURE EFFICIENCY The BOGE K BOOSTER pay off in many ways: As they compress oil-free from the start, treatment is not necessary....

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