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Medical Compressed Air Systems


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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 1

Medical Compressed Air Systems

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 2

Since medical compressed air is classed as a pharmaceutical product and so is subject to the European Pharmacopoeia, medical compressed air systems have to comply with a range of statutory requirements and standards. We very much welcome this since the stringent prescriptions governing a safe and reliable supply are consistent with our own quality and reliability standards. For over 50 years, BOGE, together with reputable hospital equippers and medical device manufacturers, has developed customised yet compliant system solutions for highly sensitive applications in medical compressed air...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 3

Reliability is the be-all and end-all where medical compressed air is concerned. The statutory requirements are correspondingly high in this highly sensitive area - after all, the safety of patients and medical staff is at stake here. From our many decades of working with reputable manufacturers of medical devices and hospital equippers. we are thoroughly conversant with the requirements. The fact that more and more German hospitals are relying on medical compressed air systems from BOGE is also, of course, due to the fact that we combine a safe and reliable supply with exemplary...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 4

TRIPLE SYSTEMS QUADRUPLE SYSTEMS MODULAR MEANS FLEXIBLE AIRINTELLIGENCE PROVIS 2.0 The modular system design is the key to configuring tailor-made solutions for achieving maximum efficiency in operation. One of the most innovative control • Visualisation units on the market which coordinates • Alarm Management both fixed speed and frequency- • Archiving controlled compressors. • Data Management MULTIPLE REDUNDANCY -SIMPLY MORE RELIABLE BOGE‘s redundancy concepts are based on long-standing experience of applications in the medical sector. The top priority is absolute reliability. Even in...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 5

When we design a compressed air system for medical use, we gear it to the worst case scenario every time – after all, patient safety is always the top priority for BOGE. Every compressed air generating system has at least triple redundancy. Compressed air buffers and medical compressed air treatment systems are designed with at least dual redundancy to guarantee a reliable supply no matter what the circumstances. A master system control coordinates the safe and efficient working of the system – the system restarts automatically after a power cut. PREMIUM COMPONENTS AS A PROVEN BASIS BOGE...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 6

Efficiency is a matter of control. We take a systematic approach. CONTROLLING WITH SURGICAL PRECISION FOCUS CONTROL 2.0 Even the basic model of our modular control is one of the most modern in the industry: Up to four fixed speed and/or frequency-controlled compressors can be effortlessly operated with this control. In addition to an efficiency indicator, it also has an RFID interface. AIRTELLIGENCE PLUS For demand-based control of up to six fixed speed and/or frequency-controlled compressors which can be changed over at regular intervals. Alternatively, the weekly timer offers you 50...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 7

When human lives are at stake, safety comes first. But even in the medical sector, a compressed air system has to be cost-effective, which is why we have done our utmost to maximise efficiency and to further reduce the TCO - such as through low installation and running costs or through heat recovery. The use of highly-efficient energy-saving technologies in conjunction with ultra-modern controlling, monitoring and visualisation concepts guarantees the perfect interplay of all components! OXYGEN OR NITROGEN - ALL FROM A SINGLE SOURCE OXYGEN IN UNLIMITED QUANTITY BOGE generators O 3 P to O 15...

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Medical Compressed Air Systems - 8

BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Boge-StraBe 1-7 ■ 33739 Bielefeld P.O. Box 10 07 13 ■ 33507 Bielefeld Tel. +49 5206 601-0 ■ Fax +49 5206 601-200 ■ BOGE PLUS - CHECK OUT THE ADVANTAGES: • Medical compressed air systems designed with highly efficient premium BOGE components • Optimal interplay of all system components • User-friendly master control systems, monitoring and visualisation solutions, surveillance and alarm functions • Proven redundancy concepts and the very highest safety standards -installed hundredfold in German hospitals •...

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