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Energy Efficient Solutions - 1

BOGE's energy efficient solutions

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 2

More than 100,000 users from trade and industry expect more when it comes to the supply of compressed air.  BOGE air is the air to work. The 62,000 Schrauben air systems esse conum zzriliEinstiegstext compressedölfrei. Giat ad operating in Germany consume 14 billion kWh of electricity each year. prat. quate diat. Pat, veros nulputat. Ut lutpat vendreetThis is equivalent to five lut dolore tet electricity consumption Gue dipis nulputatpercent of the nis enisi exer am, volore of industry as a aut aliquis at this energy dunt prat. Unt velit luptatet nis whole. Using wis nostisimas efficiently...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 3


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Energy Efficient Solutions - 4

Achieve more with less. Why we need more efficiency in the production of compressed air. THROWING MONEY OUT OF THE WINDOW. IS THIS HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR COMPRESSED AIR? Although users know that energy is consumed in the generation of compressed air, very few of them seem to be particularly concerned about the energy efficiency of their compressed air ­ tations. s In typical industrial applications, as little as 45 percent of the total energy consumed in providing compressed air is used to meet the actual air demand. The rest is either money thrown out of the window – or can be converted into...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 5

Less can do more: Compressed air has become an indispensable commodity in industry and other areas. But it is still energy intensive and therefore also cost intensive. At the same time, many users of compressed air are unaware that, a ­ ccording to the experts, the total energy requirement of this sector could quite easily be reduced by 30 to 50 percent. This would result in environmental benefits as well as significant cost reductions. So what are we waiting for? THE COST FACTORS FOR COMPRESSED AIR ARE ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY ENERGY RELATED. When we talk about compressed air costs, the energy...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 6

Know what makes sense. The applicability and chances of success of efficiency-enhancing measures. MANY STARTING POINTS – GREAT PROSPECTS. A Europe-wide study by Radgen/Blaustein1, which continues to point the way ahead in this field, provides a basis for evaluating efficiency-improving measures. It quantifies the applicability and chances of success of various energy-saving options. Though the study is no substitute for an in-depth analysis of each individual situation, it still demonstrates quite clearly, based on the many available approaches and excellent prospects, that all users of...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 7

Rational thinkers to the fore: Empirically verified data is available regarding the applicability and chances of success of efficiency-enhancing measures. This data shows that a number of measures can be taken that are easy to implement in p ­ ractice and that promise great success. Our experts will be glad to help you with your individual cost/benefit calculations. We can then implement the appropriate measures for you, if desired. INCREASING COMPRESSED AIR EFFICIENCY: THE TOP 5 MEASURES. 1. REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS AND LEAKAGE MEASUREMENT Most of the energy wasted in a compressed air station...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 8

Tracking down the efficiency killers. Analyse and stop unnecessary energy usage. THE EFFECT OF LEAKS. The study carried out by Radgen/Blaustein (see pages 6 and 7) shows that the elimination of leaks r ­esults in potential savings of up to 20 percent. This on its own is a good reason to keep a continuous eye on leakage within your compressed air system. The following table shows how even the tiniest of leaks can have a dramatic effect on costs: Size of leak mm 1,0 1,5 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 QUANTITATIVE LEAKAGE MEASUREMENT. Every compressed air system has leaks. But at what point does leakage...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 9

Is your compressed air network or system working efficiently? Ideally, your c ­ ompressed air station should produce only the amount of compressed air that is actually needed. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in practice, where c ­ ompressors are disproportionately dimensioned relative to the actual air demand, or produce compressed air that cannot be used because it escapes via leaks. As long as you are unaware of this, of course, you will not be able to change it. BOGE’s service and special tools help you to track down the efficiency killers. BOGE AIREPORT: ANALYSIS OF THE...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 10

Systematic saving. How to organise your overall system efficiently. CRITICAL AREAS WITHIN THE SYSTEM. DEMAND / PRESSURE Many users operate their network at a higher pressure, just to be “on the safe side”. But for every bar of extra pressure, the energy required is increased by 6 percent. Reducing the com­ ressor p pressure to the actual value required and ­educing r pressure losses within the system (by stopping leaks, for example) are therefore ­mportant i aspects in the planning and optimisation process. LOAD TIMES / IDLE TIMES Many compressed air stations operate with s ­ ignificantly...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 11

Eliminate faults in the system: Many losses in efficiency can be traced back to a faulty system configuration. The network is operated at too high a pressure, the idle times are excessive, the treatment process is too elaborate, or there is no heat recovery system. In order to utilise the full potential of your system, a comprehensive energy assessment is required, followed by system-oriented optimisation. Between 30 and 50 percent of the energy can be saved in this way. EXAMPLE 1: EFFICIENT OVERALL SYSTEM CONFIGURATION IN CAR BODY PRODUCTION. INITIAL SITUATION: No data or tools were...

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Energy Efficient Solutions - 12

New system, new advantages. How modern components improve your energy efficiency. PREMIUM COMPONENTS FOR THE GREATEST EFFICIENCY. END TO END EFFICIENCY: BOGE EFFILENCE PREMIUM AIREND. Perfectly smooth running, optimal design of performance ranges, lowest possible performance losses and high volumetric efficiency: these are the trademarks of the effilence premium airend made by BOGE. Its core component, the in-house developed 5:6 screw profile of the rotors, makes the BOGE effilence the most efficient airend ever built by BOGE. The peripheral speed is optimally designed and is significantly...

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