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BOGE DS-2 – the new refrigerant dryer generation Outstanding efficiency meets top CO2balance! energyEven more economical with min ! saving option from 2,6 m³/ EFFICIENT DRYING The new DS-2 series features a high-efficiency aluminium heat e ­ xchanger, which minimises performance losses in the refrigeration c ­ ircuit while requiring less refrigerant than comparable ranges. In conjunction with economical power consumption this means that no other product can compete with the low running costs. BI-FREQUENCY DESIGN With these models it does not m ­ atter where they are installed: O ­ ffering dual frequency as standard, this series is designed for use all over the world – whether 50 or 60 Hz is required. Maximum flexibility is also ensured thanks to the wide range of recommended ambient temperatures (5 – 50° C) and inlet temperatures (5 – 65° C). ON A MISSION TO SAVE ENERGY Although all DS-2 models are extremely undemanding in terms of energy consumption under partial load, the models with capacities of 2.6 m³/min and above go one better: If required, they can reduce power consumption even further by cooling the compressed air entering the system by the mass of the heat exchanger in partial load mode. DIGITAL CONTROL All models in the new series come with digital control, including f ­unctions that were previously s ­ ubject to an extra charge in some cases. However, in everyday operation they soon pay for themselves – such as the status display, the p ­ otential-free alarm contact or the m

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The new DS-2 series from BOGE has now raised the bar for refrigerant dryers: Thanks to the fully integrated design of its highly efficient heat exchanger, the DS-2 upstages all other refrigerant dryers in terms of energy efficiency -with significantly reduced refrigerant consumption. The overall operating costs are indeed unbeatable, and the CO2 balance isn‘t to be sneezed either. And it‘s not by chance that the new DS-2 models are designed for both 50 and 60 Hz (230 V) - there is no problem about using them anywhere in the world. BOGE Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co. KG P. O. Box 10 07 13...

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