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DASZ-P - 1

Safer than the laws require: DASZ‑P …‑2 for efficient respiratory air g ­ eneration in health care and industry. Completely ready for connection – all filters included! FAR GREATER EFFICIENCY All filter stages are fully integrated in the compact units ready for con‑ nection. Efficient usage in every environment is ensured thanks to the flexible design for volume flows up to 1371 m³/h and pressure stages up to 16 bar as well as indi‑ vidual adjustment of the dew point. GREATER VERSATILITY FOR SAVINGS The DASZ‑P …‑2 heatless adsorp‑ tion dryers from BOGE are primed for maximum economy: The ener‑ gy demand is reduced by a long service life and highly effective fil‑ ter media, while the optional dew point-dependent / compressor synchronisation control taps into further potential for savings. MORE THOROUGH FILTERING Maximum safety is guaranteed by seven validated purification stages – from the prefilter, which restricts the initial residual oil content to 0.01 mg/m³, through the adsorber stages and the catalytic converter, which changes CO into CO2, to lastly, the afterfilter. This ensures that compliance with the limit values for respiratory air is no problem at all. SAFER THAN THE LAWS REQUIRE The DASZ‑P …‑2 series from BOGE goes beyond the internation‑ al requirements for industrial respi‑ ratory air of AS 2299, ANSI Z86 and EN 12021 and also the stan‑ dards of the European Pharmaco‑ poeia – in some cases far exceed‑ ing them. Certificates

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DASZ-P - 2

Reliability and efficiency break new records here: the extremely compact treatment units of the DASZ-P ...-2 series supply patients and industry with high-purity respiratory air - offering unprecedented efficiency and economy with electronic control. They fall below almost all national and international limit values, as maximum certified purity is ensured through interaction between the integrated, seven-stage filter system and tried and tested adsorption technology. BOGE Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Boge-StraBe 1-7 ■ 33739 Bielefeld P.O. Box 10 07 13 ■ 33507 Bielefeld Tel. +49...

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