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Clean compressed air, clean results: Oil-free compressing screw compressors from BOGE. OIL-FREE COMPRESSED AIR FOR SENSITIVE AREAS OF APPLICATION Our innovative oil-free compressing screw compressors are used in sensitive production areas in particular. They are indispensable for the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries, as well as for hospitals. As no oil is used at the compression stage, the compressed air produced is completely oil-free – without the need for costly filters. They also work safely and reliably with large batches too– in intermittent operation as well as with...

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Clean air from the outset: oil-free compressing screw compressors from BOGE are based on a principle whereby the cooling and lubricating role of the oil is replaced by innovative functional principles. Central to this are the special compression stage and the BOGE cooling concept. Both are designed to offer the highest safety level with the maximum efficiency. THINKING ON A LARGER SCALE - DOWN TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL OIL-FREE FOR SAFETY AND CERTAINTY Absolutely safe thanks to innovative technology: 100% oil-free compression for sensitive industrial areas of application, from the...

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The safe way to oil-free compressed air: The design advantages of the SO range. THE DESIGN PRINCIPLE Drive motor Pulsation damper Intake air filter Base frame (Example shows water-cooled system.) 4 Sound insulation Compressor block Vibration damper Lubricant cooler High-pressure stage

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Precise engineering for clean results: the SO range is convincing due to its intelligent design, high-quality processing and innovative functioning principle. Its technologically sophisticated and maintenance-free design make the production of oil-free compressed air safe, reliable and economical. Depending on the preconditions on-site, you can choose from variable drives and an air-cooled or water-cooled version. DESIGNED FOR THE HIGHEST DEMANDS - MADE BY BOGE OPTIMALLY ADAPTED Frequency regulation is available for all SO models and ensures optimum adaptation of the compressed air output...

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Compressor Installed power Usable energy Capacity of the compressor Usable power Current gas price Fuel value of the gases Degree of efficiency of the heating Amount of heat saved per year Heating cost savings per year Example calculations based on energy costs and investment costs If it is about lowering the primary energy requirement, nothing works better than the principle of heat recovery. With the intelligent system that we have built into our screw compressors, you can recover up to 94% of the energy used and deploy it for other purposes. Heat recovery from compressed air production...

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A major gain both economically and ecologically: even if the energy efficiency of the BOGE screw compressor achieves the best values per se, huge savings can also be made through external heat recovery. Your energy costs are reduced considerably– and your ecological footprint is also something to be proud of. CONVINCING: THE ADVANTAGES OF HEAT RECOVERY UNIVERSALLY DEPLOYABLE Irrespective of whether heat generated from the compression procedure is used for the production process or for other purposes: with heat exchangers you can heat up waste water, heating or process water. Heat recovery...

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Oil-free compressed^^S air of the highest | quality - with maximum efficiency and service | SUSTAINABLE COOLING A radial fan is used to ventilate the hood. It ensures powerful intake air, which enables connection to longer exhaust air ducts. In comparison with traditional axial fans, the radial fan saves a great deal of energy and furthermore it is convincing due to its quiet and pleasantly gentle running. SIMPLE MAINTENANCE A core principle of BOGE screw compressors is their ease of maintenance in everyday operation. All components requiring maintenance are easily accessible Apart from...

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Oil-free compressed air with an efficiency guarantee: the screw compressors in these ranges produce oil-free compressed air safely and economically. Cooling takes place according to the area of application via water or air. 16 models in 30 versions ensure targeted adaptation of the compressed air system to your requirements. Actual amount delivered* (50 Hz) (60 Hz) Dimensions with sound insulation W x D x H BOGE type * Amount delivered from the entire plant as per ISO 1217, Annex C, at 20°C ambient temperature at maximum pressure. Emission noise pressure level according to PN8NTC2.3 from 76...

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4> ID0D00DD0 SURPRISINGLY QUIET You have to hear it for yourself: the operational noise of the BOGE compressor is puzzlingly quiet for an oil-free compressor. Thanks to the elastic "Silentmount” bracket and the powerful insulating material, the noise pressure level is kept within close limits. HIGHEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY The cooling air power supply of the SO-2 machines is being continuously optimised. The air intake from the cold area and the minimisation of pressure losses also contribute to an improved delivered amount for lower specific power consumption. SAFE AND SERVICE-FRIENDLY With...

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Oil-free compressed air at the highest stage of development: the oil-free air compressors of the SO-2 generation are setting standards in the power class from 110 to 355 kW. High delivery amounts at low specific power consumption, very quiet operation and a service-friendly design are the hallmarks of this range – for oil-free compressed air production at the highest level. BOGE type Maximum pressure Rated output Main Fan motor operation Actual amount delivered Weight Dimensions with super sound with super sound insulation W x D x H insulation * mount delivered from the entire plant as per...

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(&BOGE COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS BOGE Druckluftsysteme GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Boge-Strasse 1-7 ■ 33739 Bielefeld Tel. +49 5206 601-0 ■ Fax +49 5206 601-200 ■ In more than 120 countries worldwide, customers from plant engineering, industry and craft trust BOGE expertise in the planning, development and production of high-quality compressed air systems. Already in its fourth generation, the family-run company deploys all its experience in the development of innovative solutions and excellent efficient products for the compressed air industry. The surname of the founder Otto Boge...

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