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BOGE S- 4 Series


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BOGE S- 4 Series - 1

Designed to take the lead

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 2

S‑4 series The design principle Innovative down to the smallest detail. Available from 55 to 160 kW Designed as a driving force for industrial progress: BOGE’s S‑4 series represents a significant breakthrough in terms of energy consumption, noise emissions and ease of maintenance. Whether 55 or 160 kW – all S‑4 models have a premium airend (IntegrateDrive) developed in‑house, which is designed for maximum efficiency and virtually maintenance‑free operation. TECHNICAL DATA Innovative separation technology Designed for optimal oil separation, low residual oil content and a long...

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 3

S‑4 series The main advantages Increasing efficiency to a whole new level The latest generation of BOGE screw compressors sets all the benchmarks for continuous compressed air demand when it comes to the quiet, efficient and reliable production of compressed air. However diverse the operating conditions may be, with its robust technology, minimal internal pressure losses and pioneering improvements to ensure maximum efficiency, the S‑4 series quickly pays dividends anywhere. It is also surprisingly low maintenance. Efficiency‑optimised airend The airend with integrated, fully enclosed gears...

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 4

S‑4 series Control and other options Simply everything under control An intelligent control concept underlies the formidable growth in efficiency of this series. The modular focus control 2.0 is state‑of‑the‑art, because it allows you to have simply everything under control – with the emphasis on “simply”: this higher‑level control, which also serves as a network control for up to four compressors, makes compressed air generation more efficient and reliable. Sovereign control: focus control 2.0 No more limits: airtelligence provis 3 The focus control 2.0 controls up to four connected...

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 5

S‑4 series Integrated compressed air system optimisation Tailored exactly to your requirements Refrigerant dryer with energy savings Minimum pressure losses and constant pressure dew points in every phase of operation – BOGE’s powerful high‑pressure refrigerant compressed air dryer saves energy and considerably increases efficiency. It can be continuously adjusted to the operating conditions while consuming very few environmentally‑friendly, ozone‑neutral refrigerants. For many decades, BOGE has been the top name for tailored solutions, because as well as highly specialised system...

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 6

S‑4 series Service tailored to your requirements Any time, anywhere. BOGE all‑round service As original compressed air pioneers, we have more to offer than just our technological expertise. BOGE has always worked closely with customers and distribution partners, and this has shaped our good service partnership. As our success depends on your satisfaction, we relentlessly strive for improvement to provide you with compressed air that has added value. Always on call: our engineers Whether commissioning, maintenance, repair or inspection – our certified BOGE service engineers around the world...

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BOGE S- 4 Series - 7

Customers in more than 120 countries worldwide trust the BOGE brand. Already in its fourth generation, this family-run company directs all its experience into developing innovative solutions and exceptionally efficient products for the compressed air industry. ngineering SVST&v BOSE Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co KG Otto-Boge-Stralie t-7 ■ 33739 Bielefeld ■ Tel. +49 5206 601-0 . Fax 003-EN-Bl-0.5-03.2019/t ■ tomcal information subject to change

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