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BOGE Refrigerant Dryers Efficient, flexible, economical Compressed air purification equipment must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability while providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation. The DS range of refrigerant compressed air dryers is designed with energy efficiency and the environment in mind. The products are designed not only to minimise the use of compressed air and electricity in their operation, but also to significantly reduce the operational costs of the compressor installation by minimising pressure loss. The innovative control features automatically and continuously adjusts dryer operation to effectively match operating conditions, ensuring optimum performance while minimising operating costs. Designed to save energy Highly efficient components Compact All internal components have proved effective the BOGE and condensate The advantage of the compact design is that in practice CCD are specially drain is designed for efficient drying. The same applies to the patented heat exchanger perfect for installation in confined spaces. Its space-saving form also comes into design with storage: for airflow. The delivery volumes of up to 3500 CFM, this its ownand the optimised compressor electronically level-controlled condensate drain (integrated is offered in just two versions. intelligent designin the heat exchanger to save space) ensures zero-loss drainage. What’s more, the scroll coolant compressor requires up to 20% less energy than similar systems. The patented heat exchanger design features robust all-in-one aluminum BOGE CCD condensate drains with electronicalevel control feature a valve that design, with no interconnecting tubing. The flow path of the heat exchanger opens for drainage and closes again right away. Because this procedure takes has been designed to optimise its performance. In particular, place without pressure loss, energy savings can be realized.large volumes allow low air velocity through the heat exchanger section resulting in high exchange efficiency and low pressure drops. Contributing to the lowest real operating costs. Intelligent Durable control The intelligent multifunction control system is key to optimising performance. The controller continuously monitors the demand placed on the dryer while a sophisticated algorithm continuously adapts the operation of the dryer for optimum energy efficiency while minimising dewpoint spikes common to traditional thermal mass dryers. A potential-free alarm contact allows you to monitor dewpoint as well as alarm messages. Electrical power consumption (in %) Integrated energy-saving function Energy-efficient Saving Flow capacity with energy-saving option

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BOGE Refrigerant Dryers Efficient, flexible, economical The standard energy saving capability is just one feature of the product. BOGE DS series refrigerant compressed air dryers also impress with a highly efficient heat exchanger which ensures minimal pressure drops. Also the low differential pressure allows for a low input pressure – yet another opportunity to save energy. All models achieve constant pressure dew points of 3°C and are able to operate effectively even at ambient temperatures of 50°C. Thanks to their intelligent control functions, you can rest assured your compressed air is...

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