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BOGE compressed air filters Efficient peak performance The premiere class of BOGE high-performance compressed air filters, with modified material composition and significantly improved surface texture, ensures the industry‘s lowest possible differential pressure during the entire service life of the filter element. Independent experts certify them - validated on the basis of ISO 12500-1: 2007 and ISO 8573-1: 2010 - a reliable separation of solids, oil and water aerosols as well as oil vapors. Never before compressed air filters have Maximum been so efficient, and the CO2 balance is also impressive. Energy Multiple Compactguarantees The coalescing filters have a highly efficient microfibre element fleece with drain is advantage of the compact design is that the BOGE CCD condensate an optimised installation in confined spaces. 12-month performance warranty into perfect forexternal coating. BOGE provides aIts space-saving form also comeswhich guarantees storage: constant low differential pressure at consistently high this its own withpracticallyfor compressor delivery volumes of up to 3500 CFM, separation performance offered in just two versions. intelligent design isover the entire lifetime of the filter element – while still offering cost savings. On top of that, BOGE offers a 10-year warranty on the filter housing. Certified for foodstuffs Energy-efficient According condensate drains Materials Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, all that BOGE CCDto the Food Contact with electronic level control feature a valvethe filters in our for drainage and series have an exemption certificate procedure takes opens high-performancecloses again right away. Because this from applicable EU regulations. They are, loss, energy savings can be realized. place without pressurehowever, all certified for use in sensitive applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR, meaning they are suitable for use in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. Cleverly Durable combined Up to three filters can be combined without any cross-section constriction, Thanks to innovative sensor technology, the drain experiences less wear: using either a wall mounting life cycle. kit saving space CFM, an LED display a positive effect on its or couplingWith- the CCD 3500as never before. Fitting a cyclone separator current easy. As all replacement parts are designed to be backalso indicates the is just ascondensate fill level. ward-compatible, they can be used both in current models and in previous models as a technical upgrade. It’s all about efficien

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Example: Pressure [P]: 8 bar; Volume flow [V]: 4,8 m3/min, Correction factor [f]: 1,06 V°lume fl°w [V] 4,8 m3/min = 4,53 m3/min —> F 65-2 p BOGE Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Boge-StraBe 1-7 • 33739 Bielefeld • Tel. +49 5206 601-0 • Fax +49 5206 601-200 • •

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