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The new license for energy saving: The BOGE DUOTHERM external heat recovery system. ry: Embarking on heat recove Retrotting or planning from the start! MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY With the BOGE DUOTHERM external heat recovery system approx. 72 percent of the input motor energy can be recovered in the form of heat. Aside from compressed air your compressor can also produce hot water! – a benet that rapidly pays off. VERSATILE USE Our external heat recovery system is available in ve different versions for oil injected screw compressors from 7.5 and 110 kW. Apart from the S series up to the S 150 model the system can work equally effectively with compressors made by other manufacturers. COMPACT SOLUTION Because of its compact design, our external heat recovery system does not require much space: 700 x 700 x 380 mm – that is all you need to accomodate your new energy saving device. An oil drip pan (700 x 900 mm) is available as an option. EASY INSTALLATION The DUOTHERM module connects into the oil circuit of your compressor and can easily be tted by a service technician. No external energy is required for operation. A further connection to a water circuit is required and this should be carried out by an installation engineer – then you are ready to start recovering energy and saving money.

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Make more of your compressor: The external BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system saves you real money because it can recover up to approx. 72 percent of the input energy used in compression in the form of heat. This can be utilised to supplement your heating or for pre-heating water for use in an industrial process. With a small amount of effort your compressor can be transformed into an energy saving machine: Use this energy saving license to upgrade your screw compressors now! RAPID PAYBACK. Savings of more than 9.000 Euros a year – this is how investing in a BOGE DUOTHERM external heat...

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