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BOGE cyclone separator Maximum flexibility for increased efficiency BOGE Z-2 series high-performance cyclone seperators operate according to the principle of inertia to efficiently and reliably remove large quantities of liquids from compressed air in the form of droplets or wall flow. Their innovative design delivers optimised flow control with the lowest possible pressure losses at outstanding efficiencies of up to 99% – guaranteed to keep operating costs constantly low. The Z-2 series has been designed for use MAXIMUM between intercoolers and aftercoolers, buffer tanks which handle large quantities of EFFICIENCY condensate or to protect downstream coalescing filters from heavy fluid contamination. Designed Compact for efficiency Efficient pre-separation ensures reliable that the BOGE CCD condensate drain The advantage of the compact design is elimination of condensate and solid is particles from compressed air. Guaranteed efficiency factors of also comes into perfect for installation in confined spaces. Its space-saving formbetween 92% and 99% – storage: particles sizes delivery volumes of excellent results. In its own withbased on for compressor of >10 µm – ensureup to 3500 CFM, this addition, nominal offered in of two to 125% intelligentadesign is flow rangejust25% versions. of the rated capacity, even for speed-controlled, continuously variable compression, guaranteeing highly effective performance. Certified for use Energy efficient with foodstuffs According condensate drains Materials – Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, all BOGE CCDto the Food Contact with electronic level control feature a valve that opens BOGE cyclone separators and 2nd away. Because this procedure takes place for drainage and closes again right generation BOGE filters have an exemption without certificate from applicable EU are minimised. pressure loss, energy savings regulations. They are all certified for use in sensitive applications, meaning they are suitable for use in the food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries. Cleverly Durable configured The combination of cyclone separator with up to two filters without cross-section constriction makes the assembly with a wall bracket and/or coupling kit more space-saving and simple than ever before. As an option, the cyclone separator can also be fitted with a BEKOMAT or CCD electronically level-controlled condensate drain to discharge the condensate safely and without any drop in

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BOGE cyclone separator Maximum flexibility for increased efficiency The highest quality in every aspect Specially widened housing inflow with 90° angle to optimise flow A black powder epoxy coating protects the cyclone separator housing made of high-quality chromate-coated aluminium, meaning it will stay protected against corrosion over many years. BOGE cyclone separators strike the perfect balance between air quality and efficiency, guaranteeing optimum water separation at minimum operating costs. Separator insert for guaranteed efficiency of ≥ 92% Housing made of chromatecoated aluminium...

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