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BOGE Condensate Drain CCD


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BOGE Condensate Drain CCD - 1

(&BOGBOGE CCD Condensate Drain Level-controlled drain without pressure lost the smart alternative! BOGE’s innovative CCD condensate drains come in wherever condensate occurs - in filters, dryers or cyclone separators. Although their dimensions are compact, the drains are generously sized: two versions are more than sufficient to cover compressor delivery volumes of up to 100 m3/min. Equipped with a sturdy aluminium housing, CCD condensate drains are suitable for use in any climate zone and are designed for more than two million drain cycles! Compact The advantage of the compact design is that the BOGE CCD condensate drain is perfect for installation in confined spaces. Its space-saving form also comes into its own with storage: for compressor delivery volumes of up to 100 m3/min., this intelligent design is offered in just two versions. Energy-efficient BOGE CCD condensate drains with electronic level control feature a valve that opens for drainage and closes again right away. Because this procedure takes place without pressure loss, energy savings can be realised. Durable Thanks to innovative sensor technology, the drain experiences less wear: a positive effect on its life cycle. With the CCD 100 m3/min., an LED display also indicates the current condensate fill level.

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BOGE Condensate Drain CCD - 2

(&BOGBOGE CCD Condensate Drain Level-controlled drain without pressure lost The operating principle The BOGE CCD (compact condensate drain) is mounted directly on components such as filters, dryers, etc. Condensate is then collected in the CCD “reservoir compartment” until a specified level is attained. Only then does a valve open to drain the collected condensate. The special feature; no pressure loss during draining, so no need for the compressor to make up for them. Benefits at a glance • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing • Electronic, level-controlled condensate drainage •...

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