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Over 100,000 compressed air users expect more when it comes to their compressed air supply. BOGE air provides them with the air to work. If it is BOGE AIR then you can be assured that it is quality air “Made in Germany”. This not only applies to the rst class energy efcient compressed air systems manufactured by BOGE but also to the top quality compressed air treatment products. BOGE compressed air treatment products have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the compressor range to provide the optimal, most effective and efcient compressed air quality with options available to meet...

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®BOGE Air Treatment Systems

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Quality air pays off: BOGE compressed air treatment THE CLEAN UP! FROM AIR TO BOGE QUALITY AIR. Compressed air is a versatile medium. It is widely used throughout Industry and, for example, can be found in workshops and garages where untreated air is acceptable or the specialist industries where the demanding environments of the pharmaceutical and food sectors require absolutely dry, oil-free and often sterile compressed air. Compressed air users rely on quality air from BOGE wherever the safe and efcient purication of the compressed air is required. Our compressed air specialists will do...

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Knowing the right answer: There are some industry sectors that cannot accept anything less than high quality compressed air. Such Industries can rely on BOGE to provide specialist professional advice in the selection of the correct air treatment system to suit their specic needs – and, to meet the required air quality in the most cost effective manner! THE RIGHT BALANCE: ADVANTAGES OF BOGE COMPRESSED AIR TREATMENT. CAREFUL PLANNING AND ADVICE When it comes to selecting the right type of air treatment, specialist advice is crucial because an incorrectly dimensioned system can easily generate...

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• Breweries • Dairies • Pharmaceutical industry Sterile lter Activated carbon Activated carbon lter Adsorption dryer Membrane dryer Quality Class*** Dust BOGE- SCREW OR PISTON COMPRESSOR Application for compressed air • General industrial air • Blow-down air • Sandblasting • Simple painting work • Conveying air • General factory air • High-quality sandblasting • Simple paint spraying • Pneumatic tools • Control air • Paint spraying • Air Conditioning • Fluidics • Measuring and control systems • Dental laboratory • Photographic laboratory • Control air • Instrument air • Pneumatics •...

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The right system for your requirements: Based on your air quality requirements BOGE will take care of selecting the appropriate air treatment products to provide an optimal solution from initial assessment to system design. You are invited to contact our experts for a consultation! Solid impurities (Max. particle size per m3) Max. particle size in µm 0,1 < d < = 0,5 0,5 < d < = 1,0 as specied by user 100 1 100 000 1 000 A/R 10 000 A/R A/R A/R A/R — — Humidity (Max. pressure dewpoint) °C Classes 6 and 7 are dened according to the maximum particle size and maximum density. Class 6: d < = 5 µm...

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Compressed air refrigerant dryers DR 3 to DR 275 Flow capacity: 0.33 – 27.5 m³/min, 12 – 972 cfm Max. operating pressure: 16 bar, 235 psig Installation requirements The dryer is designed for maximum ambients of +50 °C and a minimum +2 °C. Sufcient clearance must be provided on all sides of the dryer to ensure good cooling air circulation. A suitably dimensioned drainage pipe must be installed to remove condensate. Installation data Flow capacity is based on the compressor’s air intake (+20°C and 1 bar): Compressed air temperature +35°C (max. +65°C or +70°C possible), operating pressure 7...

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The most efcient method of drying compressed air: Compressed air is cooled to just above freezing point which means that water and oil aerosols contained in the air will condense. During this process the aerosols tend to bind up and also discharge the dirt particles. An amply sized heat exchanger ensures reliability even in temporary extreme conditions. Maximum efciency and operational reliability can therefore be expected from the BOGE DR series. BOGE Type Flow capacity Ambient/cooling water temperature Factor Inlet temperature Factor Operating pressure Factor Example (for dewpoint 3°C)...

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Refrigerant dryers DX 300 to DX 2375 Flow capacity: 30 – 237.5 m³/min, 1059 – 8379 cfm Max. operating pressure: 16 bar, 235 psig Installation requirements The dryer is designed for maximum ambients of +50 °C and a minimum +2 °C. Sufcient clearance must be provided on all sides of the dryer to ensure good cooling air circulation. A suitably dimensioned drainage pipe must be installed to remove condensate. RELIABLE – PRESSURE DEW POINT +3°C The pressure dew point display can be changed between normal, summer, and automatic. The refrigerant dryer provides a consistently high quality compressed...

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Compressed air drying can be extremely cost effective: Due to its efcient and cost effective control the DX series provides absolutely energy efcient compressed air drying. The energy consumption display illustrates the large savings potential by ensuring dry compressed air is produced in the most energy efcient manner. BOGE Type Flow capacity Pressure differential at full load Electr. power consumption Electr. Compower pressed supply air connection Cooling air required at aircooling Cooling air required at watercooling Dimensions Weight WxDxH Ambient/cooling water temperature Factor Inlet...

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Membrane dryers DM 05 V to DM 14 V Flow capacity: 125 – 2730 l/min, 4 – 96 cfm Max. operating pressure: 7 – 15 bar, 100 – 220 psig Membrane Dryer Layout A: Head (inlet / outlet) B: Filter housing C: Nano-lter D: Membrane element including main body E: Nozzle with adapter F: Float drain INTEGRATED CYCLONE SEPARATOR An integrated cyclone separator assures optimal functioning of the membrane dryer by way of pre-ltration. INTEGRATED COMPRESSED AIR FILTER A standard compressed air lter is included to provide technically oil free compressed air. ENERGY EFFICIENT As the membrane dryer does not...

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