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BOGE CC Oil Water Seperator


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BOGE CC Oil Water Seperator - 1

BOGE CC-2 oil-water separator Approval by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) proves that the new BOGE CC-2 oil-water separator complies reliably with the legal threshold values for hydrocarbons when processing “dischargeable” water from condensate via different filter stages – irrespective of which oil you use. The new models are particularly convincing with regard to ease of maintenance – from type CC 5-2 they can also be fitted with an automatic saturation alarm if required. As efficient as never before No Limitation Traditional gravity separation of oil and water is overburdened as modern fully synthetic oils in particular, which are increasingly used in compressors, tend to emulsify in condensate. The good news: The BOGE CC-2 accommodates this with all compressor oils and is approved worldwide. No Words To assess the condition of the filter, the new oil-water separators from BOGE have two indicator displays - one per tower. The display in the first tower indicates when the filter element is saturated, while the second keeps a diligent check on the overflow. No long breaks Downtime is always unproductive so it is good if this can be limited. The BOGE CC-2 works with ergonomically separated filter elements, these weigh less than traditional elements and fall within ergonomic laws and regulations. Servicing is quick and easy. Maintenance indicator Warning indi

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BOGE CC Oil Water Seperator - 2

Gravity separation is a thing of the past Condensate forms in any compressor. As the condensate mixes with oil in oil-lubricated compressors, it has to be processed prior to removal. However, even with modern fully synthetic compressor oils, there is a failing in the gravity separation that has been used up to now for processing condensate. BOGE CC-2 oil-water separators therefore operate with different filter stages. The condensate is discharged from above via a pressure relief chamber and flows through the first polypropylene element. The next filter stage takes place in the second tower,...

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