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Over 100,000 compressed air users expect more when it comes to their compressed air supply. BOGE air provides them with the air to work. If it is BOGE AIR then you can be assured that is quality air ”Made in Germany“. This not only applies to the first class energy efficient compressed air systems manufactured by BOGE but also to the top quality compressed air treatment products. BOGE compressed air treatment products have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the compressor range to provide the optimal, most effective and efficient compressed air quality with options available to...

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Air treatement dryers - 4

Quality air pays off: BOGE compressed air treatment. THE CLEAN UP! FROM AIR TO BOGE QUALITY AIR. Compressed air is a versatile medium. It is widely used throughout industry and, for example, can be found in workshops and garages where untreated air is acceptable or the specialist industries where the demanding environments of the pharmaceutical and food sectors require absolutely dry, oil-free and often sterile compressed air. Compressed air users rely on quality air from BOGE wherever the safe and efficient purification of the compresses air is required. Our compressed air specialists will...

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Air treatement dryers - 5

The right system for your requirements: based on your air quality requirements BOGE will take care of selecting the appropriate air treatment products to provide an optimal solution from initial assessment to system design. You are invited to contact our experts for a consultation! IMPURITIES AND QUALITY CLASSES ACCORDING TO ISO 8573-1:2010 Solid impurities (max. particle size per m3) Max. particle size in pm Reference conditions 1 bar(a), 20 °C,relative humidity 0 %; pressure dew point for compressor final pressure 8 bar (a). BOGE COMPRESSED AIR DRYER BOGE refrigerant compressed air dryer...

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Air treatement dryers - 6

Ambient temperature > 3 °C Prefilter Table in accordance with VDMA recommendation, Guideline 15390-1 (Draft 11/2013). The VDMA (German Engineering Federation) standard sheet was developed by experts from the Compressed Air Technology division of the VDMA Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology Association, in cooperation with specialists from the Fluid Power Association. It is based on the VDMA 15390:2004 standard sheet, which reflects many years of experience in the field of compressed air. The air purity classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 refer to a specific measurement point...

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Air treatement dryers - 7

Not all compressed air is alike. The different quality classes and purity requirements are as varied as the industrial applications. The perfect compressed air for use in the textile industry, for example, may be totally unsuitable for the food or surface-coating industry. This is why it is so important to adapt the compressed air treatment system precisely to the type of application. BOGE offers a wide range of system components, which ensure that you receive just the compressed air that you need, with the purity level stipulated for your industry. No more, no less, and always...

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Air treatement dryers - 8

EFFICIENT DRYING The new DS-2 series features a high-efficiency aluminium heat exchanger, which minimises performance losses in the refrigeration circuit while requiring less refrigerant than comparable ranges. In conjunction with economical power consumption this means that no other product can compete with the low running costs. BI-FREQUENCY DESIGN With these models it does not matter where they are installed: Offering dual frequency as standard, this series is designed for use all over the world - wheather 50 of 60 Hz is required. Maximum flexibility is also ensured thanks to the wide...

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Air treatement dryers - 9

The new DS-2 series from BOGE has now raised the bar for refrigerant dryers: Thanks to the fully intergrated design of its highly efficient heat exchanger, the DS-2 upstages all other refrigerant dryers in terms of energy efficiency - with significantly reduced refrigerant consumption. The overall operating costs are indeed unbeatable, and the CO2 balance isn’t to be sneezed either. And it’s not by chance the new DS-2 models are designed for both 50 and 60 Hz (230 V) - there is no problem about using them anywhere in the world. Flow capacity Weight Compressed air connection kg BSPP-F acc....

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Air treatement dryers - 10

With integrated energy-saving function RELIABLE PRESSURE DEW POINT The pressure dew point is conveniently displayed in the control. A reliable pressure dew point provides a consistently high quality compressed air. INTELLIGENT DESIGN These dryers incorporate proven and field tested components. The intelligent layout of the sturdy heat exchanger assembly is a guarantee for energy-saving operation. The complete inner workings are easily accessible for routine inspections. Installation requirements Standard dryers are designed to operate at ambient or room temperatures of between +5°C...

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Air treatement dryers - 11

Compressed air drying can be so convenient: Due to the effective control, this series enables absolutely cost-efficient compressed air drying. Their extremely low pressure loss due to the generously designed components prevents overcompression. Compressor energy savings of six percent are achieved for every bar of pressure saved. Displaying energy use helps the operator to fully exploit the greatest saving potential - and arrive at the most efficient way to obtain dry compressed air. Conversion factors According to DIN ISO 7183, refrigerant compressed air dryers are designed for 7 bar...

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Air treatement dryers - 12

RELIABLE PRESSURE POINT Thanks to their generously designed components, refrigerant dryers in the DH series maintain a reliable pressure dew point. This ensures consistently high compressed air quality with a low pressure differential. All dryers are equipped with a pressure dew point indicator. INTELLIGENT DESIGN These dryers incorporate proven and field tested components. The complete inner workings are easily accessible for routine inspections thanks to the removable hood. The intelligent layout of the sturdy heat exchanger assembly is a guarantee for energy-saving operation....

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