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No oil vapours, no odours: Activated Carbon Adsorber DCZ 4-2 to DCZ 1021 Flow capacity: 8 –  6100 m³/h, 5 – 3590 cfm Max. operating pressure: up to 16 bar, 230 psig For the ultimate in clean compressed air! HOW IT WORKS BOGE activated carbon adsorbers are filled with special high-quality activated carbon which the air passes through from above. Ideal contact time, air flow-rate and carbon bed depth result in consistently high compressed air quality with a residual oil content of up to 0.003 mg/m³. OIL INDICATOR Every BOGE activated carbon adsorber is fitted with an easy-toread oil indicator as standard. This allows you to continuously monitor the compressed air quality to ensure that even the smallest oil aerosol particles (and unpleasant odours) are reliably filtered out of the c ompressed air. FOR LONGER SERVICE LIFE The mere presence of undefined intake oil content makes it generally necessary to fit a microfilter upstream of the activated carbon adsorber. BOGE F..M original filters guarantee ideal results and have the added effect of considerably extending the service life. F..P FILTER INCLUDED Fitting a downstream BOGE F..P filter after the activated carbon adsorber prevents finest solid particles from escaping from the activated carbon bed and passing into the compressed air. This filter is even included as part of the supply package in all models up to and in

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Compressed air quality of the very highest standard can only be achieved with a BOGE activated carbon adsorber. Only this can bind even the smallest oil aerosol particles that would not be achieved by a conventional filter line alone. These models ensure controlled clean compressed air over a long service life - with a minimal residual oil content of up to 0,003 mg/m3. BOGE Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co. KG P. O. Box 10 07 13 ■ 33507 Bielefeld Otto-Boge-StraBe 1-7 ■ 33739 Bielefeld phone +49 5206 601-0 fax +49 5206 601-200 ■ * m3/h at 1 bar and 20 °C at 7 bar...

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