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Brochure blulog real-time monitoring system

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THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING TEMPERATURE Below -18°C for all frozen products. Below this temperature, microbe development is stopped, enabling month-long duration Between 0 and 4°C for fish, and meat. The microbe listeria indeed doubles its population every 6 hours at 10°C compared to 6 days at 0°C. Between 2 and 8°C for temperature-senstive pharmaceutical products such a s v a c c i n e s, i n s u l i n e o r biotech.

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THE DIFFICULTY OF MAINTAINING TEMPERATURE From the producer to the final consumers, it can take from several weeks up to several months, during which temperature breaches are frequent: ! ➡ The door of the cold room is accidently left opened ➡ The boxes containing the products are temporaly left outside ➡ An electricity cut stops all refrigeration equipment ! Cumulated, these breaches result in the deterioration of products, with financial loss and/or health problems for the final consumers as a consequence. ! And yet, the solutions to solve these problems are most often easy, provided you...

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KEY ADVANTAGES OF THE BLULOG SYSTEM ✓ Immediate alerts via email or SMS in case of temperature breaches ✓ Simultaneous, remote and real-time monitoring of an unlimited number of data loggers ✓ ± 0.2 °C precision between 0°C and +30°C, 0.5°C on the rest of the range -40 to +70°C ✓ 3-year memory, autonomy and calibration for each data logger ✓ Credit-size data loggers, provided with holders for easy and fast installation ✓ Range of up to several kilometers between data loggers and the hub, using repeaters ✓ Visualisation of the whole data history, through graphs and temperature reports ✓...

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blulog data logger measures and saves temperature data every 10 minutes (every 15 minutes with humidity) 2. Temperature data is transmited to the hub via radio frequencies (ISM) with UTC-time marker 3. The hub, connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, transmits the encrypted data to our secure server data can be accessed via our Windows blulog software from any PC connected to the Internet case of temperature limits, the user gets alerts via SMS and/or email

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WHERE TO USE THE BLULOG SYSTEM? Food shops Data centers The blulog system is compliant with the HACCP rules, the EN 12830 and ETSI 300 220

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KEY ADVANTAGES ENABLED BY THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE BLULOG SYSTEM ✓ One-time battery for the whole life of the device ✓ Temperature sensor calibrated for the whole life time of the device ✓ Radio link that guarantees high quality and safe data transmission from many devices at the same time ✓ Safety of data without the possiblity of modification ✓ Fast thermal response thanks to small dimensions ✓ Real time clock ✓ Unlimited amount of devices working together with the hub and software ✓ Technological solutions patent-protected

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TECHNICAL DATA Temperature range: Measurement accuracy: ± 0,2 °C between 0°C ÷ +30°C, ± 0,5 °C in the rest of the range 700 meters in free space (several km using repeaters) Working time: 3 years + 1 year for data reading* Memory capacity: Measurement interval: 10 minutes (15 minutes with humidity) Signal strength: Norms respected: Protection class:

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