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TIM-UP-19k-S3 Ethernet ToF Depth Sensor Module The time of flight based TIM is a very new type of combined depth sensor module: 3D point cloud and Ethernet streaming on a single board of only 40 x 80 mm. The module is standard conform to the TIM interface standard and enables our customers to build their own Ethernet connected time of flight 3D depth sensor with only a few simple parts such as a lighting module e.g. LIM-U-LED-850 6 and a very basic interface board. The TIM-UP-19k-S3 Ethernet is based on PMD‘ 19kS3 Time of Flight IC. It has a standard field of view of 90° and provides a 3D point cloud data via Ethernet. For this product there is a variety of lenses available (30, 60 or 120°). Technical details on backside. Smart, Small & low-priced Resolution of 160 x 120 pixel Field of View of 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 ° Standardized connector - TIM 40 x 80 mm / 1.57“ x 3,15“ DSP & Ethernet on-board Sample ToF distance and greyscale information

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TIM-UP-19k-S3 Ethernet ToF Depth Sensor Module Feature Overview Dimensions 3D Depth Data, Point Cloud 1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit 1 x SPI 3 x GPIO Lens Types Power Supply Temperature Range »» Automation and Control »» Range Measurements »» Goods Counting »» Robotics »» 3D Safety Area »» Map Building »» Navigation »» Obstacle detection »» Gesture Recognition »» Touch less Control »» Gaming Industry »» HMI for Industrial Robots »» Building Automation »» Security Appliances »» People Counting »» Safety Access Control Customization The depth sensor module concept is focused on modularity....

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