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Modular ToF Kit ToF Sensor and Light Modules he modular ToF Kit is a very new building blocks system. It guarantees the maximum flexibility and builds the basis for your customer specific ToF solution. Time of Flight Image Sensor Modules (short TIM) vary in size, supported sensor, aperture angle and integrated functionality. Light Modules (short LIM) differ in size, supported technology (LED, LASER), aperture angle and number of LEDs. Both modules are designed by an appropriate standard which specifies various form factors, a fixed pin-out and the connectors. Customized baseboards can be manufactured upon request or you can use our upcoming ToF Kit Development Board for your own evaluation. Highlights »» Automation and Control »» Range Measurements »» Goods Counting »» Robotics »» 3D Safety Area »» Map Building »» Navigation »» Obstacle detection »» Gesture Recognition »» Touch less Control »» Gaming Industry »» HMI for Industrial Robots »» Building Automation »» Security Appliances »» People Counting »» Safety Access Control 3D depth sensor PMD ToF technology Modularity – Create your own solution Various LED Modules available Choose from several aperture angles (TIM and LIM) »» Select your required interfaces on your custom base board ToF distance and greyscale information

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Modular ToF Kit ToF Sensor and Light Modules TIM Feature Overview FORM FACTOR APERTURE ANGLE DEPTH DATA CALC Yes ON MODULE FPS INTERFACES POWER SUPPLY TEMPERATURE RANGE * FPS & Range depends on integration time, ambient temperature and software configuration LIM Feature Overview FORM FACTOR APERTURE ANGLE OWIRE, LVDS MODULATION FREQUENCY POWER CONSUMPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE Passive required Customization The ToF Kit is focused on modularity. Individual base boards with your required interfaces can easily be implemented. Bluetechnix as one of the leading ToF experts ensures with this unique...

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