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For more ergonomic workplaces. ErgoMove 2000. The Electric Drive System from Blickle.

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Safety instructions Please note that the positions of the swivel and fixed castors have a significant impact on the manoeuvrability of the unit. An apron must be attached to the user side of a trolley in order to prevent potential foot injuries. As an alternative, we also offer swivel castors with integrated foot guards. We also recommend fitting one end of the unit with spring-loaded swivel castors on arrangements in which the drive castors are attached in the centre. The customer is entirely responsible for the transport unit and its operation. The drive system is suited for trolleys with...

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EXPERTISE. INNOVATION. EXPERIENCE. Blickle – A company in motion. 1 As a family company, we place value on continuity – alongside Reinhold As a family company, we place value on continuity – alongside and Denise Blickle, the third generation of the family is now active in the Reinhold and Denise Blickle, the third generation of the family is now accompany with Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner and David Blickle. tive in the company with Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner and David Blickle. We have been one of the three leading manufacturers of wheels and castors We have been one of the three leading for...

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ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEMS The adva ntages of electric drive systems. Muscular and skeletal problems are the most common reasons for people being unable to work, particularly if they have a job that frequently involves physically strenuous activity like pushing and pulling loads. The electric drive systems of the Blickle ErgoMove series reduce these health risks considerably. The physical strain on the operator is decreased during internal material transport due to the considerably lower amount of effort required compared with manual operation. In the following areas, the electric drive systems...

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The electric drive system ErgoMove 2000

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The electric drive system ErgoMove 2000. Set components and options. The ErgoMove 2000 can transport a total weight of up to 2,000 kilogrammes. In addition to the drive assistance, the ErgoMove 2000 also features steering and braking assistance. As part of the support structure, the electric drive system ensures smooth movement no matter the trolley weight. Options: Compatible swivel castors The ErgoMove 2000 can be upgraded with various swivel castors, including in an antistatic version. Electrically-driven fixed castors The set always contains one left and one right fixed castor with a...

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The cockpit and its functions. Protection RoHS class IP65 The cockpit of the ErgoMove 2000 is available in two versions. The version with one rotary joystick is suited primarily for applications involving straight travel over long distances. In contrast, the cockpit with two rotary joysticks offers the ability to easily manoeuvre heavy loads within even tight spaces. Simple operation The ErgoMove 2000 is operated with a rotary joystick. The operation of the rotary joystick determines the drive torque of the two driven fixed castors. Depending on the mode, the two castors are controlled...

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The ErgoMove 2000 is a modular system. The possible combinations are listed in the table below. Additional options and spare parts are also available. The Blickle standard range contains more than 30,000 products. This includes a number of swivel castors that can be combined with the ErgoMove 2000. Description illustration* Drive castor with Drive castor with 1 handle with rotary joystick 2 handles with rotary joysticks wheel 0 200 mm and total wheel 0 250 mm and total (-1FG) and 1 handle without (-2FG) height 245 mm height 305 mm rotary joystick Bracket: LH/LHD series • Strong pressed...

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SIBIickle Technical details. The drive castors. Protection class IP44 Technical details. The cockpit. Protection class IP65 Cockpit dimensions Assembly takes place with bracket clips for pipe diameter 33-36 mm. Control box cables are included in the scope of supply (each 3 m). Cable outlet Welded steel heavy duty fixed castor with electric drive and integrated dead man's brake. Wheel with polyurethane tread Blickle Besthane® Soft, with cast iron wheel centre. Bracket: • Particularly robust welded steel construction, zinc-plated, yellow-passivated, Cr6-free Tread: • High-quality...

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For use in towing operation: The ErgoMove 2000T. Recuperative system and emergency release. Recuperation of the battery during towing operation Illustration 1: Raised draw-bar Illustration 2: Lowered draw-bar The ErgoMove 2000T version is also suitable for towing at up to 16 km/h. Another advantage is that the battery recharges during the towing operation by means of a recuperative system. Battery charging is reduced to a minimum with regular use and sufficient travel distance. Functioning of the emergency release The draw-bar is lowered on the trolley while attaching it to a trailer. A cam...

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The Blickle G15 general catalogue: More than 30,000 wheels and castors on over 500 pages. Experience Blickle’s expertise and performance yourself: Request the comprehensive G15 general catalogue by phone on +49 7428 932-0 or on the Internet at Our Blickle product finder is also available online. Your local Blickle distributor: Blickle Räder+Rollen GmbH u. Co. KG · Heinrich-Blickle-Straße 1 · 72348 Rosenfeld · Germany Phone +49 (0)7428 / 932-0 · Fax +49 (0)7428 / 932-209 · E-Mail · www.blic

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