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Small assistant, big performance … … Bizerba weighing terminals for industry

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Terminals - 2

Whether used for simple weighing and checking processes, for extensive evaluations or complex control processes – every industrial branch has its individual specifications which require adequate solutions. Intelligent solutions for all applications … On the route to success with optimised equipment Tailor-made terminals and weighing systems Numerous working processes in industry depend on high preci- As versatile as the industrial structures are, as widely spread is sion – starting in the incoming goods department, continuing in the need for reliable technology as well. However, the latter...

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Terminals - 3

Weighing module WM-3 Basic terminal BT Standard terminal ST Depending on the requirements, they have been provided with graduated „intelligence“: Industry weighing terminal iS 50 … from the economic version for simple weighing and controlling functions … … and universal evaluation devices for efficient recording of operating data … Industry weighing terminal iS 70 … to user-friendly industrial PC (NT) and complex weighing systems …

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Terminals - 4

You are looking for a small all-round talent which combines weighing, controlling and data output in one solution? The WM-3 weighing module meets these requirements – and in addition, it is extremely flexible. WM-3 weighing module … Compact shape, user-friendly properties The logging of weights plays a decisive roll in logistics as well as warehousing and process engineering. This is exactly where WM-3 weighing module comes in as an indispensable „controlling body“. It has been designed for use on snap-on mounting rails in control cabinets and can be easily programmed by PC tool. The data...

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Terminals - 5

closer to your business basic terminal in a stainless steel housing which optimises processes in all corporate divisions: in the incoming goods department, in production, during quaJ^^Bs in the storage area as well as in ttn ginq and shipping departments. Industrial weighing terminal Bl More efficiency at the workplace The multi-purpose BT industrial terminal can be used to opti- mise numerous requirements in a fast and cost-saving manner. This is ensured by its demand-oriented applications for weighing and counting processes as well as the integrated tolerance control, with which work...

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Terminals - 6

As an interface between load receptor, PC and peripheral units, the standard terminal ST can be employed for versatile tasks in production and logistics: from data input to complex evaluations, from mere weighing to demanding plant control in real time and in data processing. Industrial weighing terminal ST … Standard terminal ST in stainless steel housing with high type of protection IP 68 Terminal with excellent equipment The ST from Bizerba impresses with its very stylish and hygienic stainless steel design and has been fitted with a clearly arranged membrane keyboard with mechanical...

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Terminals - 7

every weighing system recording operating data dosing and filling processes ... as a control centre for loading for parts of equal mass material balances ■ Food processing industry pharmaceutical industry explosion-endangered areas Barcode reader Load receptor Precision scales Ethernet TCP/IP

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Terminals - 8

Ex zone 1/21 TTY 10 mA Scanner Ex-ib n Connection of - proximity switches - isolated switch amplifier in keeping with NAMUR - piezo-solenoid valve, LEDs, et cetera Low-profile platform Low-profile platform PIO Ex ib ST-Ex-FA PIO Ex ib TTY 10/20 mA Ex-ib MK-Ex RM-Ex Ex e Analogue output 0/4-20 mA EM-Ex Ex e Connection to customer‘s n valves n controls n sensors n et cetera Safer area TTY Ex-ib 20 mA PIO Ex ib Profibus DP RS 485 IS Ex RS 485 Ex ib RM-Ex TM-Ex EM-Ex EM-Ex DU-155 Separating repeater DM-Ex DTW-2-Ex n TTY n Profibus- 20 mA DP n RS Connection to customer‘s n relay / PLC n sensors...

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Terminals - 9

... closer to your business^ Standard Terminal ST-ex connection of data and control

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Terminals - 10

The iS 50 industrial weighing terminal can resist high pressure and steam jet cleaning – it combines weighing and control technology in one compact device. The terminal has a large 7“ display and can manage up to three internal and four other external weighing modules. Application terminal iS 50 ... Diverse interfaces for complex systems All serial communications protocols are available for exchanging data. Even in the standard version the industrial terminal is supplied with an Ethernet interface and a USB master/slave interface. Field buses like the Profibus DP can be optionally...

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Terminals - 11

- Simple weighing - Unit counting by means of a stored reference weight - With article database - With statistics as required ■ Parallel weighing processes to three weighing modules Universal application design, the enormous range of interfaces and its all-round high is the perfect choice for many ■ Packaging regulations control ■ Capturing statistical data in line with packaging Additional dosing functions: - Filling/removal weighing - Dosing process, single-, double-, triple-stage, pulsating outputs, sequential/parallel control of dosing system - Automatic learning mode optimises the...

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Terminals - 12

Used either as a central weighing server or as an entry terminal, the iS 70 controls a large number of vital weighing, dosing, counting, checking, management and data-collection processes. The perfect match for tough environments, verifiable and with connections for the most diverse range of peripheral devices. Industrial PC iS 70 with integrated weighing s Intelligence in top form Up-to-date capabilities The stainless steel terminal is easy to clean, ergonomically and With Intel® Atom D510 and Intel® Celeron processors as well as hygienically designed and impervious to dust and sprayed...

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Terminals - 13

system15,4“ and 19“ … Always a step ahead Anyone looking to monitor manu- The industrial weighing terminal is available in four versions: Software tools in Windows® open architecture Bizerba Software NTscale enables up to three scales to be facturing processes, assure quality, n As the iS70 RES with resistive operated at once and displays all verification-relevant data minimise errors and cut costs will get touch technology, with either simultaneously. Its verifiable memory enables weighings to effective support from the iS 70. Six a 15.4“ or 19“ display be retraced. And of course scales...

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