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Bizerba Labels & Consumables Outstanding variety

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Effective solutions Passion for labels For more than thirty years we have been passionately developing and implementing high quality and individual label solutions. In Germany as well as at our international Bizerba L&C locations. At our worldwide locations we manufacture our unusually wide-ranging solutions portfolio using more than 46 digital and conventional printing machines. We advise and reliably supply customers in more than 70 countries. From small businesses up to global players. Every year, we manufacture 80 million m2 of labels at our international locations. Benefit from our...

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Individual quality Custom-fit printing processes Our quality labels represented by Bizerba PremiumTop Top material Surface protection Thermal coating Primer Base material: Paper or film V/MWA Reverse side protection Release coating Backing material For the production of our own laminate we draw from a broad spectrum that allows us to realize the right solution for your needs. Our laminate consists of three components: top material, adhesive and liner. Top material We offer you the matching top material of the best quality for your application: papers and films with the relevant matching...

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Thermal direct paper label High quality printing with thermal-direct process at a print speed of up to 300 mm/s. For more details Highlights - Four different paper qualities - Variably combinable with adhesives - Outstanding protective properties (top coating) against moisture - Based on the paper quality also printable in multiple colors and capable of being varnished - Suitable for any thermal-direct application Sample label colored Top material: PremiumTop Adhesive: Permanent Printing method: Digital, 4 colors, thermal-direct imprint by means of Bizerba label printer...

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Labels & Consumables - 5

Highlights - White or transparent polypropylene labels - Can be combined with permanent or deep-freeze adhesive - Large variety of printing methods and customization options - Excellent moisture protection - For thermal printing speeds of up to 300 mm/s Sample label transparent Top material: Transparent thermal-direct film Adhesive: Permanent Printing method: Flexo, 4 + 1 colors, thermal-direct imprint by means of Bizerba label printer GLPmaxx 80 Refinement: Black mark ■ . • > • • • • w/ Transparent therma| |abe> : :::::3ssL M Allows variable printing of all relevant information with...

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Label with tear-off function Bizerba decorative labels are the right choice for a premium brand image. This elegant label solution is offered in the form of paper or film labels. Sample label tear-off function Top material: Chromolux paper Adhesive: Permanent Printing method: Flexo, 4 colors Refinement: Perforation and partial adhesive deactivation When developing and implementing your individual decorative label we keep an eye on all components: By using which laminate and printing procedure will we achieve the desired quality and function? And by means of which treatment do we achieve the...

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Labels & Consumables - 7

Special labels Structure paper label We always find (or invent) the right solution. Particularly when you have special requirements for your label. We have the specialist and technical know-how. You are looking for a label that protects your product from theft? We have it. A label made of plant-based raw materials matching your sustainable image? Not a problem. Your label should also stick reliably onto rough surfaces? Of course. You want to know what else we can do? Have fun reading the following pages. Structure paper label High quality papers for optical and haptic highlights. Broad...

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Labels & Consumables - 8

Highlights - Bio-based polyethylene film (PE) consisting of at least 83 % of plant-based raw materials - Flexible material, also ideally suitable for labeling squeezable bottles and other flexible containers - Pre-printable in multiple colors - Coating, embossing and further refinements possible Highlights - Need-based material variants: - White paper with a special adhesive for direct contact with food - Synthetic paper made of a mat coated PE film - Certified quality: - ISEGA-certified for direct contact with food - Certified thermal-transfer ribbons are also available - Outstanding...

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RF label Barcode label Highlights - Maximum protection by means of functional testing of all RF tags - Since they consist of very thin material RF tags are almost invisible - Flexible applications: RF tags can be attached under almost any product label - Optimal printing with Bizerba labeling equipment and retail scales thanks to precise placement of the RF tags Highlights - Various coding types - Need-based number ranges - Flexible combination of top material and adhesive - Printing of texts and logos possible - Outstanding print quality and reading accuracy - Continuous printing and...

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Labels & Consumables - 10

Tire label Highlights - Up to three labels can be combined, one on top of the other - Large selection of top materials and adhesives - Wide variety of colors and cutting dies - Convenient opening/peel corner possible as an option - Resealable any number of times Multilayer film label Triples the space for product and supplementary information. Resistant to water, grease and solvents. For more details Sample label Top material: 2 x film PP white Adhesive: Permanent Printing method: Flexo, 6 colors Refinement: Multi-layer with release varnish Highlights - Strongly sticking...

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Everything from a single source To quickly respond to our customers' needs our processes and services are perfectly positioned. We have it all under one roof: With our label management we help companies with efficient label handling. An example: For our customers we manage and store more than 1,500 different labels per year in our professional 2,000 m2 high rack warehouse. This is plenty of space to have manufactured labels available as required. Even the entire pre-print stage is handled on site. For reprints of existing labels we use our litho archive. Minor changes can be made by our...

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