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... Top Quality Assurance ... . . . Bizerba CWE Checkweigher

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Dynamic Scale Type CWE - 2

The new CWE Checkweighers from Bizerba can be calibrated to optimize the quality assurance of prepacked, pre-weighed foods. As part of a system they control packaging flow by classifying and sorting products based on a weight class either legally defined or defined by the user. ... Optimal efficiency with increased precision ... And even more: full documentation of the recorded production data is available digitally or on paper. Record-breaking Food Packaging? Depending on the packaging, environment and customer-specific requirements, the Bizerba CWE systems manage a belt speed of up to120...

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Dynamic Scale Type CWE - 3

Newly defined modular concept With their modular construction, the Bizerba CWE systems are fully adaptable in the production lines. For example, the belt direction and transport height can be easily adjusted on-site. Security on investment and planning, beyond the initial in­ stallation, is given by integration of metal detection. In addition each type of product has its own optimal cutting system, visual and acoustical signals and tendency control system for the modules connected to the system. And as your requirements change the CWE can change with you: additional peripheral modules for...

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Dynamic Scale Type CWE - 4

■ ... closer to your business All important data at a glance The operators, production supervisor and management can access all relevant information via a well-designed mono- chrome display with the function keys organized on themes, or an optional 12.1" colour touch screen. The range of features includes a digital speedometer, a histogram of the last n pack- a Gaussian distribution. The latter allows intelligent optimization of the Give-away lists. Thanks to the CWE multi-display concept, a number of operating units e.g. for remote display, can be set up at different places along the...

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Dynamic Scale Type CWE - 5

Defining then generating quality Printing the data as statistics Thanks to .statistics.BRAIN, the CWE offers a lot more than the minimum legal requirements. Reports on the random testing for packaging conformity and statistics about materials, machines, batches, shifts and alarm messages, including a time stamp, can be generated. This allows trends and process efficiency to be detected quickly. Your advantages are targeted cost reductions, greater customer satisfaction, few stoppages, more transparency tficreased profits. Maximum availability through individual maintenance concepts project...

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Dynamic Scale Type CWE - 6

Statistics print-out ttiM gtpriiflBi Pick. Np 33? Nitlelnrl aKspl. PscK. X-s tfg StanMatv stop!. Part. 5a ig Itithteslt jejiufl! PacKing «a schiersle gtprgflr Pithing !3g leictilesle afcpl. Part. '3g CHKIIISIHK d(r gspr pM-Kungen ?5S86g CwlcttSMKder atapl. Paehungeii c/oser to yot/r business Display resolution Transport height min./max. Transport direction: Standard display Optional Display Protection class Power supply Operating temperature left-to-right / right-to-left 12.1" SVGA colour touch screen with USB interface Pusher/Air-blown Pusher/Flipper/Catcher/Hatch Belt Integrated printer,...

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