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closer to your business ... Bizerba's Harsh Environment Checkweigher CWP Neptune

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What is the best way of meeting growing hygiene specifications for the weighing and sorting of unpackaged food? The answer is with a Bizerba checkweigher that reduces the number of components to a minimum therby greatly diminishing harbourage areas where pathogen growth can take place. Intelligent ergonomics designed for the harsh environment ... Consumer safety with no compromises This is what hygienic processing looks like Hygienic problems with conventional checkweighers occur at CWP Neptune has been ergonomically designed in the transfer points between infeed, weighing and outfeed...

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CWP - 3

For filling and portioning equipment. For unpackaged food such as fish, poultry, minced meat, sausages, cheese, bakery products, milk and dairy products. Extremely hygienic, robust and easy to clean. Colour touchscreen as standard ... Bizerba CWP Neptune stays sanitary much longer than conventional checkweighers Conveyor belt is wider than guide plates due to its advanced design alone. Its hygienically sensitive areas allow unhindered access and its machine parts and frame are rounded or slanted. Load cell is of welded stainless steel with no inlet for motor cable Easy maintenance: remove...

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CWP - 4

Fewer components, more productivity Transparency throughout the entire value chain n With just one conveyor belt CWP Neptune has interfaces to Bizerba _statistics.BRAIN. The modular n No separate infeed and outfeed belt software solution enables product volumes to be checked and processes n No guide rollers or bearings to corrode to be controlled from goods receiving to goods shipping. It is perfectly n Lower maintenance with one motor adapted to your specific requirements and can be extended step by n High throughput of up to 120 units/min. step – in line with statutory and industry...

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