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OPEN WORLD Our experience sets standards We are a family-owned company guided by a commitment to tradition, sustainabi­ and responsibility. Now­ lity adays, based on our core competence of slicing and weighing technology, we offer our customers the industry’s largest and most unique range of products and solutions as hardware, software and services, anywhere in the world. ergonomics, hygiene, safety and efficiency. We believe we have a role to play in shaping our markets, and are continually setting new industry standards. In close collaboration with our customers and against a backdrop of...

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Simply higher ­performance In processing meat with Carneoline, maximum safety, e ­ fficient ergonomics and the highest possible hygiene are perfectly combined. The result: Optimum product quality which is reflected in your customers’ satisfaction. The high quality of the Carneoline enables you to take a decisive step forward in your industry. A step which brings you closer to your own vision, your customers’ wishes and, last not least, your commercial success. Our carefully developed and practically oriented solutions provide you with additional benefits which go beyond simple cutting,...

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Carneoline products can be ideally integrated into your processes. They have a high-quality and durable execution in stainless steel; they are flexible and space-saving as well as extremely versatile in application. This makes them perfect team players for your industry, tasks and products. Carneoline FW N32/98 Tabletop or stand-alone device for retail, trade and industry Carneoline FW N22/82 Compact meat mincer for retail, trade, the restaurant and catering industry Applications Processing of fresh, cooked and moked foods Meat (e.g. marbled, hot or cold meat), bacon, offal, rind...

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Create real values Ergonomic design As a result of the consistent focus on the requirements of your production, we have considered every detail which is relevant for precise and ergonomic work in developing the Carneoline. Our compact saw FK23 is designed for right-handed operation. Their advantage: You can guide the product easily and, in particular, safely during cutting and portioning. The scale integrated into the work table ensures precise and uniform cuts. These are ideal preconditions for efficient and ergonomic work, e.g. in the production of chops. The variable use of saw blade...

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Option bench type stand with feet FK23 –– liding table with removable S ­remnant holder –– Mobile version –– arious saw blades: V –– Universal –– onwe (for less chipping for K product without solid bones) –– aw blades (no chipping for S product without bones) –– erfectly suitable for sales counter P or preparation room –– obust stainless steel design, R welded without edges –– uick-tensioning system for exact Q blade tension for ergonomic fixing and fast replacement –– lectronics integrated in housing E thus perfectly protected against m ­ echanical and water damages –– olid saw wheels for...

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Carneoline Quality and precision in meat processing - 7

FW N32/98 –– abletop and stand version, also T mobile variant available –– Splash guard –– arious cutting sets: V –– +W longlife (Enterprise) L –– L+W (Unger) –– ico (Unger, replaceable blades, L screwed) –– uja (Unger, replaceable blades, A snap-in) –– ompact meat mincer for sales C counter and preparation room –– learance-free fit for gentle C c ­ omminution without warming up and with high oxygen enrichment for a longer product life –– tainless steel housing and S t ­ hick-walled product feed pan e ­ nsuring a robust structure –– eed pan without folded upper F edge for optimum hygiene ––...

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Stand with shelf for E2 box S111 –– eed hopper for automatic feeding F from the conveyor belt –– ttachable filler tray A –– Gastronorm tray –– tand with shelf for E2 box S –– tripping combs for product S throughput of 21 mm and 30 mm –– andle on the cutting set for H even more secure and ergonomic ­handling –– Various sets: –– enderizing set S011: T helps to reduce the frying time of steaks and schnitzels –– nitting set S012: K even deeper cutting to further r ­ educe frying time, two pieces of meat can be knitted into one –– trip cutter set S021: S gentle ­ omminution into c uniform strips...

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Carneoline Quality and precision in meat processing - 9

For top quality and reliable performance Rely on high-quality cleaning products and original consumables in Bizerba quality in your day-to-day work with Carneoline. Everything is perfectly matched to your products ensuring best possible results and longevity of your investment. Benefit from perfect team work. Optimal functioning and constant availability of your devices and machines requires professional care. Our high-quality cleaning agents play an i important role since they are specifically developed for demanding conditions in retail, industry and gastronomy. They are easy to use and...

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There are various quick and effective routes to finding the perfect solution for your company. Whether you would like to contact us online or prefer to arrange a face-to-face meeting, Bizerba is always happy to help. In person If you would like to set up a personal meeting to discuss your on-site circumstances and possibilities, please contact us directly. Our customer advisors are always on hand to assist you, from the initial idea to detailed planning and from i mplementation to staff training. You can find details of how to contact us on the back page of this brochure. for yourself...

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Bizerba Canada Inc. 6411 Edwards Blvd Mississauga Ontario L5T2P7 Canada T +1 888 240-3722 Bizerba Shanghai Weigh Tech & Systems Co. Ltd. D-3, Qianpu Road, Shuhui Real Est.Park East New Area of Songjiang, Ind. Zone 201611 Shanghai China T +86 21 676009-99 F +86 21 676009-98 III/1000.60e © 1st Edition. Subject to modifications. Deviations in color, printing errors due to the photographic material or printing, or changes in construction and model are reserved. closer to your business

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