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Precise, safe, hygienic ... ... Carneoline FW-N Meat grinders

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The visual impression is important, especially with minced meat or tartar. If meat is cut rather than crushed it gets less hot, does not stick together, has a greater volume and can hold more oxygen, which means it stays fresh and keeps its natural colour for longer. This is exactly what Bizerba meat grinders do every day. Mince your meat, not your standards ... Versatility that pays for itself every day Bizerba Carneoline FW-N meat grinders are suitable for grinding all kinds of meat in raw, cooked or smoked form.
 They never get tired and deliver perfect results for both lean and marbled...

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Carneoline FW-N 32/98 - 3

Tabletop or stand-alone version: Carneoline Meat grinder FW-N 32/98 for coarse mincing of larger quantities (approx. 1,100 kg/hour) Exactly the way you imagine it ... We‘ve thought of every last detail It‘s just great fun working with them. No blockages thanks to the special worm geometry and appropriate, user-friendly feed-pan sizes: 8.3 or 13.5 litres (FW-N 22/82) or 50 litres (FW-N 32/98 T/S). Either for grinding to order in counter sales or to mince larger quantities. The two-piece Enterprise system Carneoline FW-N 22/32 goes longer without the need for resharpening, as the blades hone...

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Carneoline FW-N 32/98 - 4

Three-phase alternating current Nominal current *Different voltages depending on country, more details on request Small feed pan (standard) FW-N 32/98 T n Weight of worm casing, worm and blade set n Grinding capacity depends on type of meat and cutting unit approx. 350 kg/h (approx. 771.6 lb/hour) Grinding unit with blade set, Round brush, Tamper n Optional extras (not included in price) Splash guard Splash guard Large feed tray (13,5 l - 443 x 349 x 80 mm) Stand-alone version with 4 wheels instead of 2 L + W longlife blade set (Enterprise system, 2 part) L + W longlife blade set...

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