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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 2

The Open World Finest Weighing Since 1866. of Solutions. Our experience sets standards We are a family-owned company guided by a commitment to tradition, sustainability and responsibility. Nowadays, based on our core competence of slicing and weighing technology, we offer our customers the industry's largest and most unique range of products and solutions as hardware, software and services, anywhere in the world. As a globally operating technology company we are guided by our goal and commitment to achieve maximum results in terms of ergonomic design, hygiene, safety and efficiency. We...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 3

Impeccable quality A constant product quality up to 24/7. You can achieve this goal with our inspection systems. Benefit from the technology for an objective check which complies with international standards and increases your profitability. Product safety is the most sensitive subject in the food industry. In Europe alone there are about 3.000 recalls of soiled or incorrectly labeled products every year. This is a time-consuming and costly situation for manufacturers, involving by far more than just a logistical effort: consumer confidence must be retained or regained and the brand image...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 4

Pack Secure Industrial software BRAIN2 Objective evaluation and 100 % control –– Excludes subjective operator evaluations –– Constant product quality 24/7 –– Easy and automated reporting, data evaluation and analysis –– Optimized OEE due to evaluation of relevant key figures –– Reduced downtimes due to backup function Numerous inspection options –– Touchless, visual inspection of the seal for contaminations: material and foreign body inclusions as well as air pockets –– Ensures optimal, CCP-conform product seals –– Ensures compliance with shelf life –– Avoids missing, wrong, incorrectly...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 5

Matching solutions Get an inspection system which matches your needs. Detect foreign bodies in products in real time with our network-capable solutions. Check weight, label and packaging. Classify your products. Whatever system you decide for: you ensure the quality of your products from content up to packaging. Your further benefits: a durable and superior design. Easy and safe handling. Options by means of which you customize your solution. And a service which reliably supports you in any phase. Metal detection Our devices provide you with reliable results as regards finding metal...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 6

Acting in 360° Inspection solutions by means of which you protect consumers and fulfill food requirements, ensure product quality and work profitably at the same time. This is our response to your food industry. Optimal quality management 26.8  of all product recalls result from missing, wrong % or incomplete product labeling—in spite of already existing inspection measures. Another 8.9 % are caused by foreign bodies in packages. Foreign bodies 8,9 % Seal integrity 0,1 % Transparent data: based on statistical evaluations you can optimize your processes and product quality. Economical...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 7

GLS/INTUITY  Metal detection coils Metal detector Highlights Options INTUITY –– Control unit –– Two frequencies are selectable, optional multifrequency technology –– Cost-effective alternative for products with minimal product effect (intrinsic conductivity) –– Largely resistant to vibrations, shocks and temperature fluctuations –– Easy and intuitive teaching of products –– Product compensation with teach function –– Password-protected logbook –– HACCP, IFS and BRC conform quality monitoring –– Can be integrated in Bizerba checkweighers, weigh price labeling systems and customer-provided...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 8

 X-ray inspection system Vision inspection system –– Safe detection of metallic and non-metallic foreign objects in the entire inspection area: no dead angle even in case of tall products –– Reliable detection of missing, broken or misshaped products –– Weight control of products or product components –– Chaotic product feed via multi-product software –– Synchronous inspection of up to two parallel running production lines –– Highest search sensitivity with zone analyzer software: free zone selection within the X-ray image –– Easy and intuitive operation –– HACCP, IFS, M&S and BRC conform...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 9

 Vision inspection system Vision inspection system –– Touchless and non-destructive quality control of labels –– Prevents incorrectly labeled packages in retail –– Automatic rejection of packages not conforming with reference criteria –– Modular design to allow integration of a broad spectrum of sensors that match inspection requirements –– Suitable for packaging lines with automatic product change –– Suitable for many packaging types –– Upgradeable for future requirements –– Hygienic design and time-saving cleaning –– Software for complete tracking of all products: saving of images incl....

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 10

Seal check Label check  Vision inspection system PackSecure Vision inspection system –– Complete optical check of packages: simultaneous checking of seal and labeling –– Prevents incorrectly labeled and leaking packages in retail –– Automatic rejection of packages not conforming with reference criteria –– Modular design to allow integration of a broad spectrum of sensors that match inspection requirements –– Suitable for packaging lines with automatic product change –– Suitable for many packaging types: thermoformed or top sealed trays and flow packs with transparent, partly colored or...

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Bizerba Inspection Systems - 11

BRAIN2 Data_Maintenance Central master data management BRAIN2 OEE Transparent numbers Centrally manage master and configuration data such as PLU and customer data on your Bizerba devices using this app and with minimal time effort. BRAIN2 OEE records key metrics of your production, evaluates them and calculates the OEE value from the collected data records. The ideal basis for optimization processes. Digital control With our intelligent industrial software BRAIN2 you gain maximum transparency and complete traceability along your supply chain. Matching your needs the software modules can be...

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