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Easy does it ... ... Precision Bread Slicer Agiloline B 100

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Agiloline bread slicer - 2

Strong in halving, quarterin< orWngle slicing Agiloline B 100 by Bizerba meets the highest hygienic M • | f • requirements. A bread slicer has never been so easy to handle, to operate and to clean.

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Agiloline bread slicer - 3

The Precision Bread Slicer offers many opportunities to slice long and round loaves of bread up to a diameter of 30 cm in a quick, precise and particularly hygienic way. It is more flexible than a multi-blade slicer and cuts slices of the thickness exactly required by the customer. A considerably hygienic machine of high flexibility ... Good performance tailored to the customer‘s desires Oil-free slicing has many advantages A wide range of assorted breads is as important as the service Oil-free slicing prevents mildew growth and the transfer you can offer with this machine. Quick operation...

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Agiloline bread slicer - 4

Practice gives us valuable experience. When improving the high-performance Agiloline B 100 slicer with rotating blade new user requirements have been consequently realized to new solutions. Optimized rotation speed. This means lower operation noises, smooth running, better An ergonomic handle ensures easy Bagging unit for quick and operation of the protective hood. simple packaging of fresh slicing results, less generation of heat. Its simple menu structure makes Smooth running protective this slicer highly suitable for use in customer self-service areas. hood with sliding block guide Keys...

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Agiloline bread slicer - 5

Plug it in, start process ... that‘s all! ... Quality and long service life are its key features Best design and function The motor is fixed and due to a low gravity it reveals its full The neutral color design of the Agiloline B 100 fits naturally into power in considerably smoother slicing movements. Even bread any store environment and at the same time up-values the interior types with hard crusts are no longer a problem. Company-wide design of very tastefully equipped sales areas. With or without certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 our Quality Management a stand - it is a pleasure...

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Agiloline bread slicer - 6

Voltage/frequency n 120 V / 60 Hz Blade diameter n 9.84“ (250 mm) Max. product aperture n Width 11.81“ (300 mm), length 14.96“ (380 mm), height approx. 5.91“ (150 mm), rectangular 4.92“ (125 mm) Slice thickness setting n 0.12“ - 1.18“ (3 - 30 mm) Slices per minute n 60 - 100 slices Outer dimensions n Max. space required: Width 38.39“ (975 mm), height 18.5“ (470 mm), depth 26.89“ (683 mm) n With bagging unit: Width 38.98“ (990 mm), height 21.65“ (550 mm), depth 26.89“ (683 mm) Bench n Width 25.59“ (650 mm), height 27.56“ (700 mm), depth 25.59“ (650 mm) Protection type n IP 31 Net weight n...

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