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Pneumatic Lift Table Bishamon EZU Series Pneumatic Lift Tables are the convenient way to use air to raise, lower, and position a load. Using air instead of electrically driven hydraulics reduces maintenance and eliminates the risk of sparks in applications where sparks can be hazardous. Standard Features n Firestone Airstroke Actuator™ raises and lowers the platform to vertically position the load to the desired height n Hand or foot control standard n Durable powder coated finish n Heavy-duty structural steel construction with rugged base frame n Entrapped rollers for added stability n Hinged maintenance bars Accessory EZ-BRK EZ-ABS EZU-SLP EZ-4444 EZ-4448 EZ-4848 EZ-PV n Rotating models feature a secured center pivot with ball bearing that provides smooth, even rotation n High quality 3 position hand lever controls allows easy operation n Clean design with minimum of maintenance needed n Easily relocated with fork lift Accessories for EZ Up Description Rotator ring brake kit to prevent rotation of ring Accordion bellows skirting w/frame Semi live portability (moving while lift is unloaded) with 2 wheels and dolly handle Oversize rectangular rotating platform (44” x 44”) Oversize rectangular rotating platform (44” x 48”) Oversize rectangular rotating platform (48” x 48”) Pedestal Valve Stand For Hand Control * Stainless Steel Model for washdown and clean room applications All accessories are field installable EZU-15-R with optional 48” x 48” rotating top and pedistal valve stand

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