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Wired video pole camera BIPOL - 1

VIDEO POLE CAMERA Wired extension pole camera

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Wired video pole camera BIPOL - 2

Perfect camera positioning Expandable pole 1.2 to 4.0 meters 14 LED camera White or IR light 3.5” screen lightweight Rugged videoscope The P1-EXT-Wd is a flex and stay video camera mounted on a rigid pole expandable from 1.2 to 4 meters. The camera offers an excellent resolution. The semi rigid sheathing allows to precisely position the camera head in any direction for a perfect inspection. Wired connection An optional Low light IR camera is available for the inspection of dark areas (up to 1 meter). Easy access to interface: Easy selection of video Mirror image function USB Port, power, SD...

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Wired video pole camera BIPOL - 3

Some Applications... Quality inspection of trucks and trailers. Detection of merchandise and illegal immigrants. Night vision and low light inspection of undercarriages and wagons, technical compartments POWER GENERATION Inspection of windmill blades, heat exchangers, welds, tanks, pipes, pipelines for cracks, foreign objects, rust or wear. Lower your downtimes. Optional IR camera for low light conditions... SECURITY FORCES Check upper floors of building day and night. Detection of persons. Secure rooms, buildings without risk of physical contact. Conduct under vehicle search for hidden...

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3 rue St rémi 51430 BEZANNES - France www.bipol.fr info@bipol.fr

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