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4114 North Knox Avenue Chicago, IL 60641 MEAD FLUID DYNAMICS Tel: 773.685.6800 Fax: 773.685.7002 Customer Service Toll Free Number 877-MEAD USA (877-632-3872) Visit our web site at

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Basic Pneumatic Circuit Structure Table Of Contents 59-63 Specialty Valves (Continued) Cylinder Finder Valve Finder Control Valves Isonic Mod3 V3000 V5000 Isonic V1000, V2000 and V4000 Nova Capsula Dura-Matic Light-Touch LTV MV Foot, Hand & Button Valves Control Valves Air Timers Impulse Relays Stroke Completion Sensors Air to Electric Switches Panel Mount/PTO Flow Controls Two-Hand Control Units Air Presses Collet Fixtures Air Hammer Custom Products Product Index Slide Lock Hand Lever Binary Mini Solenoid Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc. Mead USA 4114 N. Knox Ave. Chicago, IL. 60641 773.685.6800...

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Cylinder Finder Mead offers a wide selection of cylinder styles. Output Stroke Avail- Double or at 100 ability Single PSI (In.) Acting (lbs.) Max. Air Max. Oil Inlet Inlet Pressure Pressure (PSI) (PSI) Model Number External Rod Bearing NFPA Interchangeable Tie Rod Design 11/2” Through 6” Bore Sizes NFP Style Cylinders Tie Rod Design Bore Sizes: 5, 8, 10,12 Highly Compact Low Profile Cylinder 3 ” /4 Through 4” Bore Sizes Heavy Duty Round Non-Lube Cylinder Easy To Mount 11/8” Through 3” Bore Sizes Single-Acting Cylinders Adjustable Stroke Models Available 1” Through 6” Bore Sizes Control...

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Valve Finder Model Number Port Size Return Flow Flow Pattern Mechanically Actuated Control Valves Specialty Valves Fingertip Lever Hand (Manually) Actuated Production Devices PC-51 MV-MH LTV-MH MV-EH & MV-FH LTV-EH & LTV-FH MV-ES MV-EMS LTV-ES N2-PB Double Button Flip Toggle MV-TP LTV-TP Mead Fluid Dynamics

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Valve Finder Port Size Flow Pattern Foot Actuated Control Valves Specialty Valves Production Devices Electrically Actuated Return Flow

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Control Valves With an innovative concept and a pioneering approach to valve design, Mead’s new technology has directly challenged the conventions of traditional valve manufacturers. In doing so, Mead has overcome many of the restrictions and limitations of conventional valve manufacturing, resulting in a unique design that minimizes valve size, reduces air turbulence and lowers valve costs. Features & Benefits • Fast Response Control Valves • Simultaneous Electrical / Pneumatic Connection to Manifold • Thermoplastic - Non Metallic • Compact & Lightweight • Low Power Consumption • High...

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Control Valves The 2 Second Push-On Manifold and Valve System ® The Isonic Mod 3 manifold system has been designed to virtually eliminate downtime, eliminating all end plates, screws, o-rings and gaskets The Isonic valve series can naturally be implemented as either part of a manifold system or stand alone and have option of either internal or external pilot pressure. To Install simply Push Valve onto Manifold Edge connector requires no wiring and the Valve Ports need no fittings, the Mod 3 modular system is engineered to Push-On, saving time and money on traditional installation. To Remove...

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Control Valves Valve Data Flow (Cv) A: 0.03 B: 0.06 C: 0.11 Vacuum Full Full Full 4/2 Single Solenoid Pilot Operated Full with External Pilot 4/2 Double Solenoid Pilot Operated Product / Function 2/2 Direct Acting or 3/2 Direct Acting Full with External Pilot Control Valves Valve Symbols Temperature Range : 0o- 120o F (-18o C to + 50o C) Media: Air or Inert Gas Lubrication: Not Recommended *Filtration: Coalescing Filter Duty: 100% Manual Override: Standard (Pilot Models) Collets: Voltages: 1/4” (6 mm) and 5/32” (4mm) DC: 12 V and 24 V AC: 24 V, 110 V @ 50 / 60 Hz Viton® and Nitrile GE...

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Control Valves 2/2 & 3/2 Valves Product Category V = Valve Orifice Size A = 0.040” (1.0mm) Vacuum to 120 PSI (8.3 bar) B = 0.060” (1.5mm) Vacuum to 100 PSI (6.9 bar) C = 0.080” (2.0mm) Vacuum to 90 PSI (6.2 bar) Control Valves Solenoid Voltage A = 12 DC B = 24 DC D = 24 50/60 Hz AC F = 110 50/60 Hz AC* * 110 volt model is not available with mini quick connect (option W) Supply Connections 1 = Main Supply (Port 1) 2 = Alternate Supply (Port 14)** ** Used to supply alternate pressure to select valves on the same manifold. Flow Pattern 2 = 2-Way (N.C. Only) 3 = 3-Way V = Vacuum Actuation Type...

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Control Valves General Information Manifold Sub-D Connections 15 Pin +VE Signal Electrical Connections Supply Exhaust Sub-D Type Panel Foot Valve Type Mounting Options Panel Rear Valve Type Double Sol. Pilot Port 1 >2 Control Valves NOTE: Valve 1 is located nearest to Serial Connector, Common Pins are connected internally. Wiring / 15 & 25 PIN Detail - Cable End (Colors Indicated apply to Mead accessories P(*)-15SDC and P(*)-25SDC) Numbers near pin lines are the pin numbers. Center information refers to usage (see detailed explanation). Colors indicated on the outside are the wire color of...

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Control Valves Isonic MOD 3+ Valve Dimensions Single Solenoid Models Double Solenoid Models Direct Acting Models Control Valves Option (E): PCB edge Connector for manifold Mounting Port 3 Exhaust 1/4” & 6mm Push In Fitting Port 1 Inlet 1/4” & 6mm Push In fitting Option (W): Mini Quick Connect S 0.71 18.0 0.71 18.0 0.71 18.0 Port 14 (Optional) 5/32” & 4mm Push In Fitting Manifold Dimensions External Pilot Feed Port 1/4” or 6mm Push in Fitting Specialty Valves Note: Sizes are in inches first, millimeters second (italicized). Fixing Holes (4) 0.165 / 4.2mm Diameter Inlet 3/8” or 10mm Push In...

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Control Valves Control Valves Faster Manifold Connections The Award-Winning ”Half-Shell” Design The heart of the Isonic concept is its patented ”half-shell” design. Composed of two mirror-image halves, Isonic® allows its flow channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into these molded body sections. Valve bodies are molded of high-strength, glass-impregnated Ultem thermoplastic. Assembly is achieved by simply inserting the various valve elements into their corresponding ”half-shell” pockets. Internal components are easily positioned to make optimal use of space....

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