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Stainless Steel Flat-1® - 8 Pages

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Stainless Steel Flat-1®

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Product Features 303 Stainless Steel Front Head FDA Compliant Composite Rod Bushing FLAT CYLINDERS 18-8 Stainless Steel Cap Screws (omitted with threaded front mounting options) Hard Chrome Plated 303 Stainless Steel Piston Rod 304 Stainless Steel Inner Body 304 Stainless Steel Outer Body 303 Stainless Steel Rear Head Nitrile Piston Seal Stainless Steel Flat-1® Features and Benefits >> >> >> Hygienic design is easy to clean and eliminates holes and crevices that can propagate bacterial growth. All stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance. Hard chrome plated piston rod reduces wear on the rod seal. I P69K rated design features a sealed outer body which prevents the ingress of washdown chemicals and application matter. Food grade plastic rod bushing and food grade grease lubricant is ideal for food processing and packaging applications. BIMBA BIM-PFL-0119 Catalog 2019 | For Technical Assistance: 800-442-4622

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How it Works The Ideal Solution for Washdown and Other Corrosive Environments! FLAT CYLINDERS The compact Stainless Steel Flat-1® offers mounting styles to fit most every application! Pivot Mount Front Trunnion Rear Trunnion Threaded Front Threaded Rear Minimal mounting holes present only where specified reduces catch points Sealed outer body prevents outside contamination from penetrating cylinder body F Series provides a mounting interchange to competitive designs Engineering Specifications End Caps: 303 Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Body: 304 Stainless Steel Temperature: -20° F to 200°...

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Stainless Steel Flat-1® Specifications How To Specify Maximum Stroke + Extra Extension Lengths Model SSFO (Standard Seals) SSFO (Standard Seals) SSFO (Low Friction Seals) SSFO (Low Friction Seals) SSFOD SSFOS SSFOR SSFOR Bore Sizes 02 and 04 09 through 125 02 and 04 09 through 125 All bore sizes All bore sizes 02 through 50 70 and 125 SSFO Adder Per 1/8" Of Stroke Cylinder Weights Approximate Cylinder Weights (lbs) SSFOD 0" Stroke SSFOR/SSFOS 2" Stroke 3" Stroke (Up Adder Per (Up To 3") To 4") 1/8" Of Stroke Enclosed Spring Forces BIMBA BIM-PFL-0119 Catalog 2019 | For Technical Assistance:...

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How To SpecifyStainless Steel Flat-1® Basic Model Dimensions (in)Model SSFO Model SSFOD (Double Acting Single End Rod) (Double Acting Double End Rod) (Single Acting Rod Normally Retracted) (Reverse Single Acting Rod Normally Extended) BIMBA BIM-PFL-0119 Catalog 2019 | For Technical Assistance: 800-442-4622

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Pivot Mount (Option 1 or 1N) Available in standard or 90° Complete with FDA compliant Pivot Bushing Option 1 is shown; not available as an accessory Trunnion Mount (Option 2, 2F, or 2R) Available in Front, Rear, or Both Locations Not available in 9/16" bore F Series Interchange Threaded Mounting Holes (Option 7F and 7R) Available in Front or Rear Locations Mounting Option Dimensions Front/Rear Mount Bore A BC D EFGHJK LMOPST BIMBA BIM-PFL-0119 Catalog 2019 | For Technical Assistance: 800-442-4622

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How To SpecifyStainless Steel Flat-1® Cylinder Options and Dimensions (in)Rod Wiper (Option W) WIPER (-W OPTION) Metallic Rod Scraper (Option Z) SCRAPER (-Z OPTION) Bore Male Rod End Dimension for MT or CMT Options NPT Thread Dimensions for FOD Cylinders

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Stainless Steel Flat-1® accessory Options and Dimensions (in) Stainless Steel Clevis Bracket complete with Stainless Steel Pin; Designed for use with Pivot Mounted Cylinder (Option 1 or 1N) Stainless Steel Trunnion Bracket (2 pieces) Stainless Steel Rod Pivot; complete with Stainless Steel Nut BIMBA BIM-PFL-0119 Catalog 2019 | For Technical Assistance: 800-442-4622

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How to Order FLAT CYLINDERS The Model Number for all Stainless Steel Flat-1® cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate type, bore size, stroke length, and mounting and special options. Please refer to the charts below for an example of Model Number SSFO-170.251V. This is a stainless steel, double acting, 1-1/2" bore, 1/4" stroke, pivot mount cylinder with high temperature option. Bore Size Stroke Length Stainless Steel Double Acting Stainless Steel Double End Rod Stainless Steel Reverse Acting Stainless Steel Single Acting SSFO - 17 0.25 - 1 V Mounting Options Enter...

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