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Pneumadyne's 2400 Full Line Catalog - 240 Pages

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Pneumadyne's 2400 Full Line Catalog

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Catalog Your stocking distributor is: PNEUMADYNE Full Line Catalog Pneumadyne, Inc. Bimba Manufacturing Headquarters 14425 23rd Ave N Plymouth, MN 55447-4076 P.O. Box 68 Monee, Illinois 60449-0068 Phone: 763-559-0177 Toll Free: 888-559-0177 Fax: 763-559-0547 Phone: 708-534-8544 Toll Free: 800-44-BIMBA Fax: 708-235-2014 Email: Email: Full Line Catalog BIMBA BRANDS I MEAD I MFD I PNEUMADYNE I TRD PNEUMATIC • ELECTRIC • HYDRAULIC ACTUATORS Setting a new standard for: FITTINGS — MANIFOLDS — VALVES — AIR PREPARATION — SAFETY & PRODUCTION • • Fittings • Manifolds • Custom Pneumatic Components & Systems Bimba Manufacturing Company Worldwide distribution means there is a professional stocking Bimba distributor nearby ready to service your needs. PND-FL-1012 © Copyright 2012 Bimba Manufacturing Company. PND-FL-1012 Effective October, 2012. All Rights Reserved. BIM-1791 Catalog Cover.indd All Pages Valves 10/26/12 9:49 AM

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► Pressure Regulators, Flow Controls & Needle Valves ► Variety of sizes & configurations ► Anodized or Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance Valve Accessories_ ► Air Pilot, Cam, Thumb, Button & Ball Operators ► Air Operated Electric Switches ► Foot Pedal, Mounting Brackets & Dress Plates ► Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Nylon & Polypropylene Tubing & Accessories_ ► Single & Multi-Tube Polyurethane ► Variety of colors & sizes ► Tube Racks & Cutters ► Quick Disconnects, Micro Couplers, Ribbon Tube Connectors & Bulkhead Connectors Solenoid Valves ► Variety of voltage, wattage &...

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About Us History & Milestones Pneumadyne, Inc, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pneumatic components was founded in New York State by Bill Nugent in 1975. At that time, he was designing and building pneumatic control systems and saw a need for better quality miniature pneumatic components. He also realized that many fluid power distributors across the country could benefit from the product innovations that he was using to make panel building easier and more economical. From this work, the design and manufacture of Pneumadyne directional valves, pneumatic fittings and manifolds...

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Control Valves & Accessories "O" Series: Swivel input port 8 Non-threaded exhaust port "3" Series: Swivel input port 12 10-32 (F) output port & exhaust ports Push-to-connect ports Swivel output port Non-threaded exhaust port "200" Series: 1/16 barbed input port 22 1/16 barbed output port Non-threaded exhaust port "300" Series: 10-32 (F) & 1/8 NPT input ports 22 10-32 (F) & non-threaded exhaust ports Pilot Operated Cartridge Valve 40 "4" Series: Non-threaded exhaust ports 52 "45" Series: Fully ported 52 Valve Consolidation "System 11" 60 Valve Accessories External Air Pilot Operators 64 Low...

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Solenoid Valves 10 mm Valves 106 2-Way & 3-Way normally closed 3-Way normally open .5 & 1.3 watt coils 15 mm Valves 110 2-Way & 3-Way normally closed 2-Way & 3-Way normally open 1.0 & 2.3 watt coils System 6 Valves 116 2-Way & 3-Way normally closed 0.8 and 2.9 watt & 3.1 VA coils System 8 Valves 120 2-Way & 3-Way normally closed 3-Way normally open 6.0 watt coils Latching Valves Manifolds & Bases for use with Pneumadyne Solenoids 123 126 10 mm 15 mm System 6 System 8 Solenoid Actuated Valves Cylinder Control (Valve sold separately) “20” Series (includes air pilot operated valve) “22” Series...

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Pneu-Edge®: Single-barb design & captured o-ring seal 148 Straight Connector Elbow: Fixed, Adjustable Original O-Ring Seal: Captured o-ring & multiple barb design 171 Straight Connector Straight Connector Barb-to-Barb Connectors: Multiple barb design 180 Straight Connector Fitting Specifications

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Multiple Connection Manifolds 190 Inline: Brass & 303 Stainless Steel 197 Inline: 1.5" Output Spacing 198 Tubing & Tubing Accessories Polyurethane Tubing Multi-Color Ribbon Polyurethane Coils Quick Disconnect Micro Coupler Static Bulkhead Connector Ribbon Tube Connector Tube Cutter Chemical Resistance Information 224 Alphanumeric Product Listing 228

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Control Valves & Valve Accessories PNEUMADYNE, INC. Catalog 2400 Phone 763-559-0177 Fax 763-559-0547 Features l Miniature size l Poppet design contributes to long product life l Seven input options l Swivel input port to accommodate critical alignment l Closed crossover (NC Only) l Non-threaded exhaust port 2 & 3-Way Valves “O” Series The highly reliable “O” Series valve is available in 2-Way or 3-Way normally open or normally closed. Ideal for limited space applications (OAL not more than 2.43”) this miniature valve features seven swivel input options- virtually eliminating the need for...

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Catalog 2400 Phone 763-559-0177 Fax 763-559-0547 “O” Series Cross Section “O” Series (NC) Flow Chart 3-Way Normally Closed 20 1 figure A Actuated Flow Rate (scfm) 2 15 10 5 0 0 25 50 75 100 125 Input Pressure (psi) 3 2 1 Port Options Definition figure B Unactuated 3 Function When a 3-Way normally closed valve is actuated (figure A) the stem unseats the poppet allowing flow through port 1 around the poppet and stem and out port 2. In the unactuated position (figure B) the poppet is seated. When flow enters from port 2 it travels through the hollow stem and exhausts to atmosphere through port...

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Ordering Information • To order standard prod- Information listing. • Optional seals avail- able- contact factory. • Metal push button indicate metal. • Nylon toggles and push seven colors with black as ored actuator specify the code#" suffix following the part number (see color code chart). Product Information _Part Number_Input Part Number _Part Number_Input Part Number have been customer tested over • Refer to Product Number Diagram (page 14)

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