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PNEUMADYNE Full Line Catalog - 240 Pages

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PNEUMADYNE Full Line Catalog

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PNEUMADYNE Full Line Catalog Full Line Catalog custom Pneumatic components & systems Bimba Manufacturing Company PND-FL

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PNEUMADYNE Pneumadyne, Inc. 14425 23rd Avenue North Plymouth, MN 55447-4706 Call to Order: 763-559-0177 Providing System Solutions for Fluid Control Control Valves Manifolds ► 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Valves ► Pressure Regulators, Flow Controls & Needle Valves ► Variety of sizes & configurations ► Anodized or Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance ► Inline ► Dual Air ► Junction Blocks ► Terminal Blocks ► Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Nylon & Polypropylene Valve Accessories Tubing & Accessories ► Oil Tight Operators ► Air Pilot, Cam, Thumb, Button & Ball...

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History & Milestones Established in 1975, Pneumadyne was developed out of the industry's need for a better miniature pneumatic valve. Over thirty-five years later, we are known as a leader in the design, development, manufacture and integration of fluid handling devices. Bimba Manufacturing Company acquired Pneumadyne in August of 2012. Our innovative approach to product development, high quality products and strong focus on customization was a natural fit with Bimba's overall business philosophy. Inherent synergies found across both companies provide limitless opportunity for customers of...

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2-Way & 3-Way Valves “O” Series: Swivel input port    8 10-32 (F) output port Non-threaded exhaust port “3” Series: Swivel input port    12 10-32 (F) output port & exhaust ports “11” Series:1/8 NPT, 1/8 NPT (F) &    16 Push-to-connect ports Swivel output port Non-threaded exhaust port “200” Series: 1/16 barbed input port    22 1/16 barbed output port Non-threaded exhaust port “300” Series: 10-32 (F) & 1/8 NPT input ports 22 10-32 (F) output ports 10-32 (F) & non-threaded exhaust ports “400” Series:    32 1/8 NPT (F) porting Pilot Operated Cartridge Valve    40 1/16 barbed porting Cartridge...

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Solenoid Valves 2-Way & 3-Way normally closed 3-Way normally open 6.0 watt coils Latching Valves    123 Manifolds & Bases for use with Pneumadyne Solenoids    126 Solenoid Actuated Valves Cylinder Control Bases (Valve sold separately) 130 “20” Series (includes air pilot operated valve)    132 “22” Series (includes air pilot operated valve)    138 Custom Products

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Pneu-Edge®: Single-barb design & captured o-ring seal 148 Straight Connector Elbow: Fixed, Adjustable Tee: Fixed, Adjustable Plug Bulkhead Bushing Adapter Barb-to-Barb Coupling Elbow Tee Cross Original O-Ring Seal: Captured o-ring & multiple barb design 171 Straight Connector Stud Plug Elbow Tee Cross Adapter Nipple Coupling Bulkheads Tees Cross Tapered Thread    176 Straight Connector Elbow Tee Cross Bushing Adapter Nipple Plug Barb-to-Barb Connectors: Multiple barb design    180 Straight Connector Elbow Tee Fitting Specifications

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Multiple Connection Manifolds    190 Inline: Brass & 303 Stainless Steel    197 Inline: 1.5” Output Spacing    198 Tubing & Tubing Accessories Static Bulkhead Connector    214 Ribbon Tube Connector    218 Chemical Resistance Information    224 Alphanumeric Product Listing    228

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Features • Miniature size • Poppet design contributes to long product life • Seven input options • Swivel input port to accommodate critical alignment • Closed crossover (NC Only) • Non-threaded exhaust port 2 & 3-Way Valves “O” Series The highly reliable “O” Series valve is available in 2-Way or 3-Way normally open or normally closed. Ideal for limited space applications (OAL not more than 2.43”) this miniature valve features seven swivel input options- virtually eliminating the need for additional fittings! Closed cross-over The normally closed “O” Series features a stem and poppet...

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“O” Series Cross Section Port Options Function When a 3-Way normally closed valve is actuated (figure A) the stem unseats the poppet allowing flow through port 1 around the poppet and stem and out port 2. In the unactuated position (figure B) the poppet is seated. When flow enters from port 2 it travels through the hollow stem and exhausts to atmosphere through port 3. The poppet design provides a large durable surface that can withstand millions of cycles. The normally open “O” Series features a stem design with standard Buna-N O-rings. *170 barb- recommended for use with .170 ID PUR...

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Ordering Information • To order standard product refer to Product Information listing. • Optional seals available- contact factory. • Metal push button available- use an “M” as the second character to indicate metal. • Nylon toggles and push buttons are available in seven colors with black as standard. To order colored actuator specify the color, by code, as a “-code#” suffix following the part number (see color code chart page 103). Product Information 2-Way Normally Closed Part Number 3-Way Normally Closed _Part Number_Input 2-Way Normally Open _Part Number_Input 3-Way Normally Open _Part...

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