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Product Datasheet Description Pneumatic Isolation Valves (PIV) are the critical component in any safety lockout, tagout system. This is evident by the OSHA requirements shown on the back side of this page. The PIV is typically the first valve following the FRL components in the line supplying compressed air to pneumatic equipment. Available sizes range from 1/4" inlet/outlet ports with 3/8" exhaust ports up to 1-1/2" inlet/outlet ports with 2" exhaust ports. Available accessories include air mufflers, pressure switches, and air pressure “visual” indicators, and connecting hex nipples. Features and Benefits Ease of Operation • Teflon seals insure easy motion even after long periods of non use. Competitor’s nitrile seals can extrude into the bore causing difficulty in actuating the valve. Increased Machine “Up Time” • Quicker exhaust flow readies the machine for maintenance quicker and shortens the time period for the machine to be shut down for required maintenance. ANSI/PMMI Compliance • Standard integral pressure sensing port allows for easy integration of a gauge or pressure switch. • Push/Pull actuation method allows for easy operation and meets regulatory requirements. • Valve can only be locked in the “off” position. • Exhaust ports are greater than or equal to the size of the supply ports as required by regulatory standards. Keys to Controlling Pneumatic Energy Shut-off Valve Required • Each piece of equipment must have a shutoff valve to isolate the equipment from its air supply and so render the equipment inoperative. Shut-off Valve Should Be Lockable • The valve is lockable if it is designed to allow the use of a padlock to keep the valve in the closed position. Pressurized Downstream Air Must Be Relieved • In addition to locking out the air supply, all downstream air must be exhausted to atmosphere. Bimba Manufacturing Company Monee, IL 60449-0068 Telephone: 708.534.8544 Fax: 708.235.2014 Email:

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Applicable Standards: All standards are subject to revision. Parties are encouraged to investigate and apply the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147    ISO 13849-1    ANSI/ASSE Z244.1-2003 What Does This Regulation Cover? In general terms, the rule requires that energy sources (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.) be shut off or disconnected while equipment is being serviced. Furthermore, the disconnected valve or switch must be locked to prevent reactivation while anyone is working on the equipment. In the case of air-operated equipment, a lockout...

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